Klaviyo Reviews [2022]

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a well-known email marketing platform that can be used by eCommerce store owners to integrate personalized dynamic email content.

It that helps in customizing automation based on channel engagement, demographic and event data, predictive analytics, and platform connectors to build long-term customer engagements.

And we like Klaviyo. Although they started a bit after we started Vibetrace, they did a much better job than us. And reviews show it: on average they receive over 4 out of 5 stars.

Vibetrace is one of the few viable alternatives to Klaviyo.

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What is Marketing Automation and How can Klaviyo help?

Marketing automation supports a wide range of business process automation to create unique leads to nurture relations with more potential customers that are more likely to need the products offered by a business. It is often made through advertising campaigns with customized people’s demographics and interests of the target audience. Generally, the purpose of marketing automation is to run a successful campaign that engages prospects at the right time to close a sale.

On the other hand, Klaviyo as one of the best E-commerce email marketing tools assists businesses in growing by providing real-time data insights for marketing campaigns by marketing campaign automation through emails and SMS.

Among its well-known feature are:

  • Customizable Segmentation. Allows you to have a customizable segmentation to target your audience based on their demographics, location, interests, and others.
  • Real-time integration of Tech stack. Allows you to send email and SMS while you integrate your tech stack
  • SMS Integration. Allows you to reach your audience through SMS
  • Data and Analytics through reports. Allows you to create visuals and reports that will help you make more accurate decisions on improving your marketing automation
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Klaviyo Reviews

If you have been wondering if Klaviyo could work for you and your business, you can check reviews from different websites such as g2.com, capterra.com, financesonline.com, trustpilot.com, getapp.com, trustradius.com, apps.shopify.com.

If you wish to review Klaviyo, here are All-time Reviews for Klaviyo Marketing Automation. Below are the recent reviews during the year from the following websites mentioned which can either be good or bad regarding Klaviyo’s service, features, updates, and others.

GetApp Reviews

GetApp is a platform where you can find different reviews from different software used by various industries which you can compare and evaluate. One notable benefit of the platform is that it displays the pros and cons of the software you want to evaluate.

On this Platform, Klaviyo has a 4.7 overall rating on GetApp, with 226 users giving it a 5-star review. Approximately 75% of users who provided their reviews felt that what they pay for their subscription on the platform is worth it and only 5% of them have given less than 4-star rates.

klaviyo reviews getapp
Reviews from getapp

Intuitive UI and Attractive Template But Missing key Integration

A review from Katya V. shows an overall 4-star rating but only a 6/10 total score for the likelihood of recommending the software due to the integration and deliverability where a list of customer emails from excel files are not easy to integrate even after adding a separate integration tool. On the positive side, Klaviyo is described in the review to have appealing templates that can easily be customized and automated. Its automation is easy to navigate and set up using the drag-and-drop option for editing. Additionally, the Data analytics of Klaviyo helps and provides useful insight for room for more improvement on campaigns.

Great Features but Expensive Cost

A review from Pranjal K. shows an overall 4-star rating where Klaviyo is reviewed as a good email marketing tool because of the key features it has that help with the smooth flow of campaigns with ready-to-use templates, customizable campaign flows, and easy-to-use email automation. Although, Klaviyo was also described as “Expensive” with an insufficient number of emails per month.

Not User Friendly and Has Poor Support

A review from Steve R. shows an overall 3-star rating with only a 1/10 score on the likelihood of the user to recommend due to a bad experience with Klaviyo’s customer support with misleading information that contradicts the public documentation of the platform. Additionally, Klaviyo was described as having “Basic requirements for flows that are unnecessary and difficult to implement.

Great Platform but has Poor CS

A review from Steve R. shows an overall 4-star rating with a justification that Klaviyo integrates well on so many platforms and it is an easy-to-use tool that helps in creating proper segmentation. Although, customer support was only given a 1-star rating due to a bad experience with a concern regarding Poor CS which isn’t properly accommodated because there is no dedicated CS representative to help with the concern of the user’s team. Additionally, Steve wasn’t happy with the SMS feature of Klaviyo as he described it in the phrase “The SMS is not great” as well as the rebranding that the platform did that made few changes such as color.

G2 Reviews

klaviyo reviews g2
Klaviyo Reviews on G2

Easy to Create Campaigns but Sometimes Hard to Navigate

A review from Shana V. shows an overall 4-star rating making her review title “Love Kalviyo” because of the platform’s feature that is simple to use and has a large number of templates to choose from. According to the review posted, Klaviyo helps track campaigns easily. However, sometimes it is hard to navigate.

Made Email Marketing Process Easier but Not User Friendly for First Timers

A review from Joey K. shows an overall 4-star rating. According to Joey, Klaviyo is valuable for setting up a series of emails to communicate with existing or prospective customers, configured by a series of pre-defined actions and A/B testing. In fact, it also has a built-in email-address collection form mechanism that may also track people’s profiles which can be useful for gathering data for segmentation in the future. Nonetheles, Klaviyo was described to be a platform that is hard to integrate with different technological stacks.

Easy Set Up of Chain Mails But Hard to Integrate on Other Parts of Tech Stack

A review from Joey K. shows an overall 4-star rating. According to Joey, Klaviyo is valuable for setting up a series of emails to communicate with existing or prospective customers, configured by a series of pre-defined actions and A/B testing. In fact, it also has a built-in email-address collection form mechanism that may also track people’s profiles which can be useful for gathering data for segmentation in the future. Nonetheles, Klaviyo was described to be a platform that is hard to integrate with different technological stacks.

It Has Everything an E-commerce Business Owner

A review from Danavair S. shows an overall 5-star rating. In addition to having everything a business owner needs for email marketing, Klaviyo was described with powerful segmentation, in-depth analytics, user-friendly software for email creation, and includes robust integration. Based on the review, Danavair added thatKlaviyo was expressly designed for eCommerce, which means that even the smallest elements were made to meet the needs of an eCommerce business. Klaviyo, for example, makes it extremely simple to target prospects based on particular activities they take in a store, such as a site abandonment. Despite the fact that Klaviyo is perfect software, there is a minor learning curve at first, but after you start sending campaigns, it becomes really simple to use.

Capterra Reviews

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Capterra is a worldwide technology review platform that links B2B software sellers with potential buyers. In fact, Capterra provides account management tools as well as review generation for businesses. Reviews include the pros and cons of the software according to users’ experience.

On this Platform, Klaviyo’s reviews totaled an overall score of 4.7-star rating. In addition, the email marketing platform received a 4.40-star rating for ease of using the software as well as the rating for their Customer service.

Klaviyo Reviews on Capterra

Great for Beginners but Not for Small Businesses

A review from Rachel H. shows an overall 4-star rating with a 7/10 probability of recommending the software. As mentioned in the review, Klaviyo is great because it’s simple and easy to use to get emails sent out to subscribers and customers. Although It may be great for beginners, yet not so good for small businesses because the prices increase as the number of customers’ emails list increases.

Lots of Flows and Functionality

A review from Enis A. shows an overall 5-star rating because of Klaviyo’s notable features having numerous flows that help businesses to sell more and functionalities that enable gathering data of customers. According to Enis, It integrates well with Shopify Although it is undeniably hard to get in touch with Klaviyo’s Customer Support. Nonetheless, It is generally a user-friendly software as stated in the review.

All Around Marketing Tool

A review from Leonardo M shows an overall rating of 4 stars. Klaviyo was mentioned as a “Not only for e-commerce” platform probably due to its key features and because it is easy to use. Although, certain things must also have been incorporated into the platform such as more control over tags and lists where users can have the freedom to tag customers into various segments.

Easy integration with Shopify

A review from Silvina M. shows an overall 4-star rating with a perfect score of 10 for the likelihood of recommending the software. As mentioned in the review, Klaviyo is User friendly and it is easy to integrate it with Shopify which is best for e-commerce store owners to create segments on customer behavior. On the other hand, Klaviyo is still known to be quite confusing at times due to its pricing plans.

FinancesOnline Reviews

FinancesOnline is another well-known platform for reviewing SaaS/B2B software and financial solutions. It can list software companies on SaaSworthy so that companies that use the platform can find good software to integrate into their businesses.

On this Platform, Klaviyo’s reviews show 90% user satisfaction with a 4.5-star rating. The website has 14 reviews with an overall rating of 8.8 out of 10. In addition, the most and least favorable reviews are displayed on the first page of FinancesOnline.

Helps Business Grow

A review from Porter with a 5-star rating score provides positive feedback on how Klaviyo became a software that helps businesses grow. According to Porter, Klaviyo does care about the growth of any company with a passionate team willing to guide business owners make strategies and discovering new product functions. Porter mentioned that the customer support of Klaviyo has a prompt response for business improvement. Overall, the software was reviewed perfectly with no issues.

Perfect for eCommerce but has Challenging Functions

A review from Alene with a 4-star rating was shown with a review titled Best eCommerce Application for Digital Marketers. Klaviyo was viewed as “Simple but with having many functions and strong flows” which only require minimal coding. However, reporting and smart blocks are a bit challenging where flows are designed differently from most campaign automation tools.

Strongest Marketing Software but Lacks Customer Service

A review from Dalton shows a 5-star rating for Klaviyo’s Ease to use and Overall Impression while a 4-star rating for the software’s customer support and Value for money. Dalton testified saying “I have already used many email marketing tools, but Klaviyo for me is one of the best. Created for eCommerce and knows company expectations with email marketing and customer behavior. It has an email automation template you can easily use and efficiently set up the flows. Then there is the amazing consumer data that allows fast, targeted market segmentation to really reach the right market for the right content, creating higher click rates and conversions. It’s easy to integrate with other applications, customer support is also good, and having to use it for several online stores, you can also link accounts that allow you to switch to and from, and most significantly, copy email models from different accounts so it saves time to create new templates.”

According to Dalton, though, there has been an issue with sending emails, and having a different time zone from their customer care hours makes it difficult to reach their agents. Customer support responds to emails, however, it is impossible to contact them in an emergency.

All-inclusive Pricing but with difficult Workflow Implementation

A review from Scotty shows a 5-star and 4-star rating in FinancesOnline, which has a 4.5-star overall average. As initially stated by Scotty, Klaviyo is an all-inclusive price that includes all updates, so there is no need to pay additional costs. The support page and video instructions are really helpful when moving to the app. Additionally, Shopify integration is quite quick and simple. Apart from that, an issue with the software that seems problematic was its system logic which is straightforward but the workflow designs seem to be quite difficult and challenging to implement.

Trustpilot Reviews for Klaviyo

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Trustpilot is a well-known online review network that connects businesses and consumers by allowing users to provide authentic feedback on their purchasing and service experiences.

On this Platform, Klaviyo received an overall 4-star rating from 98 different software users. 63% of those who shared their reviews gave it a 5-star rating, while 30% gave it a 1-star rating. According to Trustpilot’s overall score, the remaining 7% of users offered 3 and 4-star reviews which shows that no one may have given Klaviyo a 2-star.

Provide Data-driven Decisions

A review from Fred Mosquida shows an overall 5-star rating. For years of using Klaviyo, Fred stated that Klaviyo helped in scaling their eCommerce business through email marketing. In fact, the software is undeniably a great choice for every business which deserves more than 5 stars because as mentioned in the review that it also provides information needed for the business to make sure that decisions are data-driven judgments. Lastly, the Klaviyo support team has also been a great help.

Horrible Customer Service and Blocked Random Domains

A review from CK shows a 1-star rating saying, “I bitterly regret moving to Klaviyo…” Klaviyo was identified with horrendous customer service with a live chat that is like an endless queue since it can’t help with much. Additionally, Klaviyo blocks random domains where every single customer needs to be added back to the list. CK claims that misleading information in the software’s sales pitch is undeniably unreal.

Easiest Email System

A review from Philip shows a 5-star rating since it is the easiest email system that allows anyone to construct complicated automated email flows that can manage all CRM, marketing, and transactional emails. Klaviyo’s data segmentation is excellent and incredibly granular. “There are cheaper solutions out there,” Philip argues, “but nothing beats the functionality and ease of use.”

Great Email Marketing but has Pop Up Glitches

A review from Sidharta shows a 4-star rating with a description saying Klaviyo is a great platform for eCommerce email marketing with a number of features. Although, improvements are needed due to some glitches from time to time in the building Pop ups.

Poor Customer Support System

A review from Elizabeth shows a 1-star rating due to poor experience with Klavio customer support. As noted in the review, there was an issue with Klaviyo’s update that messed up their email count. “But what’s worse is that support (or probably a bot) sent me an email asking if there was anything else I need help with. So I replied (several times) with the list issue. Then they don’t answer those emails either” Elizabeth explained

Undisclosed Future Costs

A review from Matt shows a 1-star rating due to the sudden increase in costs. With the belief of getting at least 35% to 40% of revenue from Klaviyo, they have moved to use the platform. Functionality is good, and the platform itself is excellent. However, it was discovered that Klaviyo charges for so-called “unsuppressed” profiles, which incredibly increased the cost. In addition, Klaviyo seems to make it deliberately difficult to suppress users and offers little support. With this experience, Matt ended his review with a note saying, “The platform itself is good, but I found our salesperson pushy, not transparent over future costs, and not very responsive to resolving the issue.”

TrustRadius Reviews

TrustRadius is a website where professionals may submit their honest thoughts on business technology products to help future users to select a product suitable for their business and make informed decisions. One of the best features of the site shows key insights which have been repeatedly mentioned in every review.

On the Platform, there are 168 reviews with a total rating of 9.3 stars, which is almost a 5-star rating. According to the statistics of Reviewer Sentiments, there are 67 positive reviews and only 4 negative reviews. Among all reviews, 83.10% gave a score of 9 or higher, 11.27% gave a score of 7-8, 2.82% gave a score of 5-6, and 2.82% gave a score of 1-2.

Advanced Campaigns with Automated Flows

A review from Unknown shows a rate of 9 out of 10 stars. According to the review, able to use Klaviyo happy for the following thing “best segmentations, block system for a small team, series of the webinar” and really not happy with “live chat support, no templates, no parameter to prevent end time cut”. It is worth buying for “abandoned cart, replenishment flows”

Help Keeps Customer Engaged based on their Activity

A review from Brett Riley shows a rate all stars. According to the review, the best platform to keep your subscribers active but should not to ignore the price. Pros could be following “audience segmentation, SMS engagement (one-to-one messaging), predictive behavior analysis, email design, email flows based on audience behavior” and cons are “expensive, no mobile app, email, and sms list growth is lacking compared to Attentive”. Klaviyo can give ROI on “decreased repeat customer costs, increased email engagement via A/B testing increased revenue and overall Marketing efficiency”

Email Campaigns with Triggers but Needs Improvement

A review from Tatiana Balletti USA shows a rating of 5 out of 10 stars. According to the review, Klaviyo is one of the best platforms to perform actions related to “browse abandonment email, cart abandonment email, triggered emails” but its’ really not a great platform to consider following things “email templates, template builder” so it is not recommended if to consider email editor.

Shopify App Store Reviews

Shopify is a subscription-based platform that allows anyone to create and sell an online store. Businesses can create and design an online store and sell in a variety of areas as well as through a variety of channels ranging from social media to online marketplace. In fact, it integrates well with any other software. In addition to this, it allows businesses to gather and share customer reviews of their experiences with the product pages of a certain business online store.

On this Platform, Klaviyo has over 1600 reviews with an overall 4-star rating. Klaviyo has received 5-star ratings from 1200+ satisfied users but has also received 222 negative reviews with only a 1-star rating.

Displays Price without Reference

A review from Hyttedawn Norway shows a rate of 3 stars. According to the review, It’s quite a positive experience with Klaviyo overall, but have been frustrated by the email editor’s lack of ability to add the compare at price to native product blocks and suggested this feature multiple times, but have not seen any action taken. As a result, had a hard time effectively running sales and promotions using the tool. Overall, you feel that this missing feature undermines the value of the tool, despite its strong segmentation and automation capabilities.

Lots of Issues regarding Set Up Process

Misleading Information

A review from 2 GEES COMICS shows a poor rating of 1-star. “The information you get from Shopify does not match what is on the website,” according to the review, due to inconsistencies from Klaviyo’s support team, where information provided by Shopify contradicts Klaviyo’s plans. Furthermore, Klaviyo stated that they do not have a support number, but they were able to supply a number for customer assistance to Shopify.

High Cost and Slow Customer Support

A review from CRYSTALS.COM shows a 3-star rating. Despite the huge price, little adjustments have been implemented According to the review, After years of using the platform, the queue waiting time grows longer, indicating slow customer service.

Concerns Solved with an Amazing Support Team

A review from FYBELLE shop shows a perfect 5-star rating because of a solved concern supported by 3 support team members that have been a great help. The issue encountered was related to the add-to-cart event which is not triggered after adding the snippet codes to the theme.

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