Marketing Cloud for Online Retailers

Customer retention: user segmentation, personalization and retargeting

Better way to get More Revenue from existing traffic

What you will get for your customers


What you will get for your customers  


What you will get for your customers  


What you will get for your customers  



1.Email marketing

Benefits of ecommerce email marketing

  • Auto-recover abandoned carts!
  • Engage with old customers
  • Easy retarget visitors who left your site
  • Automate and personalize newsletters
More about ecommerce email marketing

2. Behavioral targeting personalization

Benefits of behavioral targeting

  • Decrease bounce-rate with predictive exit-intent
  • Increase website engagement
  • Generate sales more quickly, using call-to-actions
  • Get email addresses from visitors
More about behavioral targeting personalization

3. Product recommendations

Benefits of product recommendations

  • Increase user willingness to buy
  • Dive deep into customer profiling
  • Increase revenue by increasing products relevancy
  • Personalize each newsletter for each user. Automatically!
More about product recommendations

4. A/B testing your marketing

Benefits of A/B testing

  • Increase conversion rate. Guaranteed!
  • Simplify customer actions to purchase
  • Decrease abandoned checkouts
  • Also A/B test our services.

Frequently asked questions

How hard is the integration process?
It’s a bit more than a 5 minutes installation. You will have suport you through the whole integration process.
Plenty of statistics and reports
You can measure every piece of activity of your users and how they interact with your campaigns.
Does it work on any e-commerce platform?
Yes. We have all sort of clients, from custom platforms to Magento, Hybris, Demandware, OpenCart, Shopify, Prestashop.
Very flexible customization
All templates and designs are customizable, limited to your imagination. We provide a gallery for inspiration at the beginning.
Campaigns, campaigns, campaigns
Anything you do to your users it’s called campaign. The single main focus: more purchases and increased conversion rate.
I have more question, how do I get answers?
Please contact us, will be happy to answer you as soon as possible
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