Your Agency’s Success with Our White-Label Customer Experience Platform

maximize client Retention and Profits

Take control with your own branded tools. No more third-party dependencies—offer more services and grow your business.

Omni-Channel Customer Experience Platform for Retail Businesses – specially designed for agencies

More conversions

using cross-channel communication with Marketing Automation

More Profits

by personalizing every step from the entire Customer Journey

Retain More Customers

using segmentation and audience builder with Customer Data Platform

up to 35% digital revenues influenced on a monthly basis

Drive customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention across touch points and through omni-channel campaigns.

Advanced Web Personalization, including product recommendations

Email Marketing, SMS and webpush

Powerful Integrations and import or export data or audiences

Ready-Made Campaigns, automation workflows and design

Customer Data Platform with powerful Customer Segmentation

Analytics and Reports, including ecommerce catalogue

$2.000.000+ in assisted revenue every month

Dedicated Services in Switzerland

We are now open to providing services to Swiss businesses using a local presence in Switzerland. Learn more what can we do for your business.

Marketing Automation for E-Commerce

Boost your e-store sales with our marketing automation platform to turn your website visitors into loyal customers. Integration modules and dedicated software to work with product catalogues.

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Marketing Automation for Agencies

Win new customers for your clients with white label marketing automation tools. Use our whitelabel software to focus on customers not on technology. Get your B2C and D2C customers to higher revenues.

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Enterprise Marketing Automation

Your business needs a modern marketing automation software. Cloud or on-premise, Vibetrace enterprise solution helps you with a digital customer data platform, omni-channel marketing automation and managed services so you can focus on your business.

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Just great results with top service providers

Understand your customers to provide personalized experience

VibeTrace customer data platform tracks your visitors’ behavior, extends their profiles and stores data for later use. With lead attributes and events collector system, you can segment your audience and provide dynamic personalization across multiple channels.

Data collection powers our Customer Data Platform and is the base for the marketing automation part.
Automated event collection (standard ecommerce, website or custom) to get more leads from visitors.

Collect leads and turn them into long-term customer

Use VibeTrace automation tools to boost lead generation of your marketing campaigns.

Embedded Content Forms or Personalization

Pop-up Maker and Micro Polls

Advanced Data Collector

Landing Pages

Convert & Retain Customers

Nurture leads with personalized marketing automation campaigns at each step of the journey.

Automated email marketing

Web push notifications

Onsite content personalization

Text/SMS messages

A/B testing

Customer survey feedback

Focus more on retaining long-term customers with marketing automation tactics.

Track and improve campaigns performance with detailed Analytics

VibeTrace analytic is complementary to Google Analytics, so you have deep insights into your visitors interests, product sales, and marketing campaign performance.

User activity with built-in profiles.

Shopping sessions and conversions

Catalog reports on search, categories, and items

Marketing campaigns reporting

Let us show how VibeTrace marketing automation can work for your business

Stop switching between tools. VibeTrace software provides everything for your marketing automation

Website PopUp Maker

Customer data platform

Automated text message software

Customer Feedback Software

Automated email marketing

Landing Pages Builder

Web push notifications

Omni-channel communication

eCommerce analytics

Easy integration with most common ecommerce platforms:

but also really powerful to support custom integrations and data transfers.

What our Customers are saying

Using Vibetrace we’ve focused more on our business strategy, with work being done automatically. We have 45% increase of sales from email using their marketing automation software.

Simona Popescu

Head of Ecommerce, Bryan Digital

Customer Segmentation is something we were looking for. Vibetrace allows to deep dive into data, which we can easily use for reaching our customers.

Jane Morton

Retail Director, Fashion Group AG

If you look for a marketing platform for ecommerce, you must at least try Vibetrace. A bit hard to get used with so many features, but only with those you can truly personalize customer experiences.

Michael Jura

Founder, GrowNow Retail Agency

VibeTrace Marketing Automation Software FAQ

Discover the Most Common Questions

Marketing automation is aimed to free humans from marketing routine tasks. For example, a marketing automation platform can send email messages instead of a marketer, prioritize leads, personalize Ads, etc.

Among marketing automation benefits are:

  • Lead generation growth. 80% of marketers confirmed this fact after marketing automation software implementation.
  • Automated lead nurturing drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.
  • Customer journey personalization influences revenue. For example, triggered personalized email campaigns have 75% higher revenue than one-size-fits-all campaigns.

Online businesses use marketing automation solution to:

  • Launch post-purchase surveys.
  • Send behavior-based email campaigns.
  • Automate client onboarding.
  • Schedule posts on social media.
  • Generate marketing campaign reports.
  • Understand the target audience.

Book a demo to see how it can work for your business.

It is important to understand what marketing field you want to automate when you start with our software. For this:

  1. Learn your website visitors’ behavior to map the customer journey and find out the weak points of the sales funnel.
  2. Analyze your company goals and decide on metrics to improve.
  3. Craft relevant marketing campaigns: for lead generation, CRO, nurturing, and retention.
  4. Monitor and optimize constantly.

Or you can book a demo, and our experts will show you how marketing automation technology can work within your company.

We start analysing your data sources and what’s important to be part of your marketing data platform. We collect this data through real-time events, APIs or data files, clear everything, transform and extract it to power marketing campaigns.

Providing a unified view of the customer profile is key to marketing success for increasing online revenues. There are so many sources of data that need to be reconciled against specific identifier in order to work perfectly.

When you have the platform built you can then simply run marketing campaigns on top of the best segments or create custom audiences by analyzing your data.

That’s the reason a CDP (customer data platform or customer database) is required. You can use the one Vibetrace provides out of the box or you can extend it according to your needs.

Running an agency is hard. You need to have best people to provide services to your customers. And every customer is unique making it hard to use different tools and software to figure out what’s the best for them. Using a white label marketing automation solution like ours saves you a lot of headaches:

  • custom branding and no reference to our names
  • easy to install integration modules for the most common CMS platforms your clients already use. Including Shopify and Magento
  • Automatic invoicing system with different pricing methods available to charge your customers
  • onsite personalization, email marketing, push notifications and many other tools are built-in so you don’t need to pay multiple ones
  • auto generated reports are helpful to prove your customers how much revenue you generated for them.

If you are not technical, no problem with our marketing automation platform. We’ve built our product with marketers in mind, therefore you have:

  • easy to install plugins
  • visual editors for email marketing
  • visual editors for interactions (popups and widgets)
  • predefined campaigns
  • gallery of emails and popup email collectors.

Come test us! You’ll fall in love with how many things you can do with our marketing automation software. Extra, you have documentation and also support over email and chat.

Yes. If you are an agency, or you want to resell our software get in touch with us. Our whitelabel marketing automation solution works allows you to change everything according to your brand. The other solution it’s dedicated instance where we manage every tech aspect for you. Contact us.

Our marketing automation software is built for high volume B2C and D2C companies. You can be a classic ecommerce or a service provider catering to consumers. But they all have one thing in common: they know how important is marketing automation and to build their own customer data platform. There where we click and grow together.