Customer Data Platform

Forget about data siloes and searching everywhere.

Collect real-time customer data to segment and personalize your marketing campaigns with one tool for all customer journeys.

Collect Data both offline and online. Identify and reconcile users for cross-tracking. Extend profile properties for new audiences

Automatically collect customer data, activity

Enrich User Data from External Sources

Integrate CDP with existing CRM or ERP Systems

Create Dynamic Segments and Audiences in Real Time

Secured On-premise or Cloud Data Storages

Extract Insights for your Marketing Strategy

The best customer data platform software to provide a personalized experience for customers

Collect data about anonymous visitors into customer profiles

VibeTrace customer data platform unites all data about your customers into profiles.

Profile Data:

personal info,

contact info,


Transactional Data:

customer feedback,




Events Data:

site visits & journeys

cart information

search behaviour

marketing campaigns activity

Target specific customer segments

Choose attributes, tags, and events to group people. For example, within VibeTrace customer data platform software, you can segment the audience by:

Personal data, location, subscription status, gender, or preferences.

Activity time, interaction with marketing campaigns, specific page visits etc.

Order history, product information from the catalog or even attribute from custom events.

Personalize customer journeys with scalable marketing campaigns

Engage prospects and customers when they need with what they need. Use VibeTrace automation to send multichannel marketing campaigns to the chosen segment.

campaign response.

Automated email marketing

Facebook Ads

Customer feedback surveys

Pop-up, SMS, Push Notifications

Get immediate insights on campaigns performance

The customer data platform provides real-time reports on how audience interact with your campaigns:

CRT, Bounce, Spam, Unsubscribe, and Open Rate

Customers activity

Carts and purchases conversion funnel

Catalog search, top/viewed/added to cart/purchased items and categories

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Integrate the VibeTrace customer data platform with your favorite tools

Combine customer data with VibeTrace platform tools to automate your marketing at scale


Automated email marketing

Web push notifications

Automated text message software

Product Recommendations

Customer Feedback Survey Software

Facebook Ads Automation Software

Landing Pages Builder

eCommerce analytics

Customer Data Platform FAQ

Discover the Most Common Questions

(CDP) Customer Data Platform is a software that collects your customers’ data from pop-ups, web forms, Ads and email campaigns, CRM, eCommerce, and website behavioral data into profiles. You can use this info to segment and personalize your marketing campaigns. We’ll show you how it works. Book a demo!

Thanks to numerous integrations, the Customer Data Platform collects customer data from third-party sources like CRM, transactional systems, marketing campaigns, and your website and its web forms. Then, CPD stores that info into customer profiles to get a complete view of your target audience and know what they need.

Customer data platform capabilities and features suit the needs of b2b and b2c companies: eCommerce, retail, digital agencies, startups, etc. Our built-in customer data platform is just perfect for your business and can also integrate with existing CDP if you have one.

The terms are often used interchangeably. Customer Database is the storage system that powers marketing. Customer Data Platform can be seen as more focused on integrations and doesn’t necessarily rely on a single database.

Customer database include customer demographics, contact information, purchase history, browsing behavior, website interactions, marketing campaigns activity. It can also be extended with data from other sources.

There is no special price for CPD. The customer data platform is one of the VibeTrace marketing automation platform features that is a part of existing plans. Visit our pricing page or contact us at [email protected].

There are three significant customer data platform benefits for any business:

  1. The customer data platform is a great tool to know and manage your customer journey. You can deliver what they want precisely when they need it with product recommendations or automated marketing campaigns.
  2. CPD implementation prevents data isolation across different teams. Using a customer data platform provides each employee with access to customer profiles containing all possible information about an individual.
  3. Customer data platform software supplies marketers with accurate data from omni-channel campaigns. In addition, it helps to improve and personalize automatization.

Yes! You can extend information we collect for the users and as well their actions. There are almost no limitations to make the CDP run really well for your business. And automatically it will work with customer segmentation and personalization like no other solution on the market!

Short answer: you. While we do the management, performance optimizations and everything between, the data itself is yours. If you have on-premise (hosted) solution, than you have direct access to the databases or cloud accounts.

Getting started with a customer data platform usually involves identifying the customer data sources you want to connect, setting up data ingestion and storage, and integrating the platform with your existing marketing, customer service, and analytics tools. Let’s do it together, we’ll help you through the whole process.