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Monthly Active Users
Monthly Sent Emails

Email costs just $20 for 100.000 sent emails.

From: $ 1



Starts at $5.600


Dedicated Managed Services

Cloud/OnPremise Instance

Enterprise Data Integrations

Custom Dev+Deployment Processes

Enterprise data encryption and security

SLAs agreements & monitoring

+ much more.

Enterprise contracts are annual and can have more flexible terms.

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$9/1000 users – self service

$ 1


Custom Email Providers

Advanced Algorithms

Audience synchronisation

Multiple&Custom Data Feeds

Bring Your Own Provider

Custom Integrations

Custom Data Integrations


$5/1000 users – self service

$ 1


Email/SMS/Push channels

Specific user segmentation

Extended targeting capabilities

Product recommender engine

Built-in integrations

Unlimited insights and reports

Unlimited onsite personalization

You pay exactly what you use: no number of contacts that never open emails, no extra hidden costs like other marketing automation platforms.

Looking for agency or reseller pricing?

We have special pricing for our white-label marketing automation solution

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Plans include features based on what most of our customers are looking for




Email Marketing Automation

SMS/Push Workflow Automations

Batch campaigns

Onsite Personalization

Cross-channel Product Recommendations Engine

Batch campaigns (SMS, Email, Push)

Visual Content Editors

Built-in Templates & Scenarios

Advanced Reports + Ecommerce

Segment Evolution Graphs

Chat & eMail & Mobile Apps Support

4h Response time work hours

4h Consultancy with Marketing Automation Strategist and/or Developer

Complimentary access to new features

Video-call with founder

eMail Support

24h Response time

Templates & Scenarios

Self help documentation

1000+ customers are using Vibetrace for their Digital Marketing Automation needs

Using Vibetrace we could jocus more on our business, as it does all the job you need. We have 45% increase of sales from email using their marketing automation software.

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VibeTrace Marketing Automation Software FAQ

Discover the Most Common Questions

Do start a trial account, you do not need a credit card. However, credit or debit cards are required for the monthly payments.

An active user is an user who is active within a month and is tracked by our system. Usually this number is a bit less than the active users number you have in google analytics because we identify visitors cross channel and only count them once.

We process payments using Braintree Payments. Currently supported are VISA, Mastercard, AMEX. You can also contact us if you want to pay through Paypal.

If you have your store built on one of the platforms we have build integrations and extension you have a very easy life. Currently supporting Shopify, Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, Woocommerce, WordPress.

Otherwise we can integrate with any website through TagManager or directly using our scripts.

If you are using one of the CMSs we have integration or modules built for, it’s 5 minutes for implementation.

To setup campaigns, customize content and make sure everything looks fine can be 1-2 days.

Vibetrace automates all your digital marketing efforts in order to improve conversion rates, optimize online revenues and grow profits. We run our own CDP that powers all marketing campaigns that you do for your customers.

We run very well within a few various industries: ecommerce (products), travel, financial services (banking&insurance) and not least utility providers.

We bring results for customers who have at least 15k monthly visitors. This is bare minimum in order to see some results. Where we really become indispensable is starting at 30-40k monthly active users. Here you have enought traffic to run A/B tests, to do onsite segmentation and a to run workflows automatically.

Ecommerce Manager find lots of benefits for using Vibetrace. Starting with cross-channel communication, to catalogue reports and product recommendations onsite or inside emails that follow business rules, it’s all focusing on helping ecommerce managers succeed at their job.

Vibetrace was built initially for email marketers to support them in driving more revenues for digital business. You will benefit from access to:

  • visual editors for email content
  • drag&drop automations to build customer journey workflows
  • templates & scenarios with the best performing campaigns

Yes, we do. Aimed at agencies, freelancers, influencers or Saas Companies you can partner with us to make money together.

Vibetrace is built for digital marketers. It helps you do your job with less efforts by giving you specific segmentation features to contact and personalize each touch point of your visitors throughout their online journey.

Vibetrace helps customer specialists by unifying customer profiles across channels and showing a 360 degrees info panel that can be used when communicating with customers.

As a performance marketer you will need to focus on performance for all company marketing efforts. Vibetrace helps you here with OOTB integration with Google Analytics, or other BI tools, in order to detect and exploit sources of potential more revenue or improvements for existing marketing automation efforts.

Maybe we should have started first with customer data platform. CDP forms the basis of our software where all segmentation and event data systems is running to build a 360 degrees profile for each visitors. We not only do this for identified users with email address but for any visitor so you have full information all the time.

SMS for our marketing automation software is another communication channel (like email or push). We integrate with various SMS providers and you can start right away to send messages.

If you go all-in results will show up within 3-4 weeks. This means you need to import data, run the workflows, send some batch campaigns and also work on onsite optimizations.

As a Customer Experience Expert you can follow and improve customer experience across channels. This means that your strategy could include onsite segmentation and creatives, email, sms or push messages to be delivered by triggered events and also creation of audiences for advertising purposes.

As a conversion optimization specialist you can create A/B tests for onsite elements, you can use advanced targeting and segmentation to observe behaviour and also analyse reports we provide out of the box.

Yes, you can import both files with existing subscribers or historical orders for your shop.

As a marketing automation platforms we want to automate all your digital marketing throughout customer journey: from discovery to purchase, to returning customers.

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