White Label alternative to Mautic for Ecommerce

Marketing automation platforms are widely promoted to businesses that are looking to improve their marketing efforts through automated campaigns.

However, the vast number of available tools with varying key features can be overwhelming, and that’s when a white-label alternative is the best option for businesses that are looking for a simpler and more user-friendly solution.

To know more about this opportunity to improve your business, here’s a brief overview of a white-label alternative for Mautic.

If you are a retail business, we don’t recommend using Mautic. It’s not made for Retail and final cost would be much higher than using any cloud solutions alternative.

Overview of the Mautic

Mautic is a flexible marketing automation platform that enables businesses to create effective marketing strategies. It enables contact communication across channels such as emails, text messages, social media, and focus items.

The platform enables precise contact segmentation based on a variety of attributes, allowing for personalized marketing strategies for specific segments. Users can create engaging campaigns, measure strategy efficiency with performance metrics such as dashboards, reports, points, and stages, and manage a large contact database.

Mautic provides performance assessment tools, including dashboards, reports, points, and stages, to analyze and optimize marketing effectiveness.

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Challenges with Mautic for Ecommerce

Mautic is a powerful open-source marketing automation platform, but it also poses challenges for ecommerce businesses, namely:

Technical complexity: Because Mautic is a self-hosted platform, users will need some technical know-how to set it up and manage it.

Limited Integrations: Mautic does not have as many ecommerce platform integrations as some other marketing automation platforms.

Support: Because Mautic is an open-source platform, there is no official support. Although you can find support from third parties, this is not cheap.

example of Mautic support packages

Also, for digital businesses like retailers, Mautic is very limited:

  1. E-commerce Integration:
    • While Mautic can integrate with various platforms via plugins or API, its out-of-the-box e-commerce integrations may not be as extensive or as straightforward as some other marketing automation platforms specifically designed for e-commerce.
  2. Complex Setup and Learning Curve:
    • Setting up Mautic for specific e-commerce needs can be complex, especially for users without technical expertise. The open-source nature means that while customization is possible, it can require a deeper understanding of the platform and possibly coding knowledge.
  3. Advanced Reporting for E-commerce:
    • Mautic provides reporting features, but online retailers with specific reporting needs (like detailed product performance, cart abandonment rates, and customer lifetime value analysis) do not get them as Mautic does not provide.
  4. Behavioral Tracking Limitations:
    • While Mautic does offer behavioral tracking, capturing deep e-commerce specific behaviors (such as viewing specific product categories, abandoned cart recovery actions, or upsell/cross-sell success rates) might require additional customization or integration with other tools.
  5. Automation Features:
    • Mautic’s automation capabilities are robust but may lack some of the more nuanced automation features found in e-commerce specific platforms, such as automatic segmentation based on purchase history or predictive analytics for customer behavior.
  6. Performance and Scalability:
    • For online retailers with a large volume of contacts and complex automation workflows, Mautic’s performance might be a concern, especially if hosted on limited resources. Ensuring Mautic scales to meet high demands may require significant server resources or optimization.
  7. Support and Maintenance:
    • As an open-source platform, Mautic’s support mainly comes from its community. While there is a wealth of knowledge available, the lack of dedicated support can be a limitation for businesses requiring immediate assistance or who are not as tech-savvy.
  8. Email Deliverability:
    • Mautic users need to manage their own email deliverability, which can be a challenge without the direct support of a dedicated email service provider. Ensuring high deliverability rates may require additional efforts in setting up proper email authentication and managing sender reputation.

Mautic White Label Alternative

Mautic is an established open-source marketing automation platform that provides you with the greatest level of audience intelligence, thus enabling you to make more meaningful customer connections.

Also, messaging delivery is something that Mautic does not do well. It’s delivery speed it’s far away from what a dedicated solution like Vibetrace or similar can provide.

However, some features may be overwhelming for some users, particularly beginners, because they require technological familiarity.

Vibetrace provides white labeling, which allows businesses to brand the platform as their own, giving them complete control over how their marketing automation tool appears. Its user-friendly interface also makes it simple to manage and create marketing campaigns.

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White Label Feature Comparison

Vibetrace stands out with its user-friendly interface and easy campaign setup, offering templates and a drag-and-drop system. In contrast, Mautic’s more complex interface can be challenging for beginners, and its self-hosted nature demands technical expertise.

Vibetrace, being cloud-based first, provides a simpler, hassle-free alternative for users prioritizing ease of use. Alternative to the cloud based option is on-premise, dedicated instance similar to what Mautic provides.

White Labeling

While Mautic offers limited white-labeling options within its complex interface, whereas, Vibetrace stands out with advanced and user-friendly rebranding features, providing a more accessible solution for personalized branding.

Mautic Pricing and Plans

Mautic is an open source software, meaning that you can download and install it for free. In theory, there is no cost of using Mautic. But practically, management of the platform, as well as hosting costs will add up.

Mautic offers a cloud option and plans are based on the number of contacts.

Their plans are: Mautic Cloud Pro starts at $500 per month, while Maestro costs $100 per month. They also offer free plan.


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