Product Recommendations

Online merchandising done right to increase sales

Increase shoppers’ engagement and ultimately sales

Promote specific products from inventory

Easily deploy on web, mobile and inside email

Add any rules and any design, with no compromise

Increased Conversion Rate

Increased Average Order Value

Increased Product Discovery

Increased Customer Loyalty

How product recommendations work

First: An unique profile is created for every shopper based on activity & interests.

Then: Each profile is matched with your catalogue, extracting products most likely to buy.

The Result

How product recommendations work

Your Shopper

A more engaging and effective shopping experience.

Higher conversion rates, more revenue and more loyal customers.

Your Business

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Personalize the entire shopping experience

Web recommendations

Vibetrace allows you to present relevant and actionable product recommendations to each shopper, resulting in a high increase in conversion rates, average order value and revenue.

Most popular recommendation scenarios:

  • Other customers also viewed
  • People seeing this ended up buying
  • Related products to this product
  • Recommendations just for you
  • Related products to this search
  • Most popular products in this category
  • Best products in the shop
  • Similar shoppers also viewed
  • … and 20 more

Email recommendations

Most popular recommendation scenarios:

  • Increase open rates by up to 40%
  • Increase clicks by 25-30%
  • Decrease number of unsubscribes
  • Increase email sales conversion by up to 30%
  • Decrease number of emails sent

Vibetrace utilizes various Email Service providers, like MailChimp or Amazon SES, but can also work with retail’s solution. Our system automatically fills the template with products that match each shopper profile, without any work from your side.

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Product recommendations in site and in emails are tailored to each business type and catalogue items.