Automated text message software

Boost your website conversions with automated text messages sent to the right subscribers at the right time. Automate your SMS marketing to 2x ROI with VibeTrace software.

automated text message software

A/B Testing

Audience segmentation

Expert support

Phone collectors

Performance Reports

SMS marketing platform built to streamline your customer communication

Boost sales at scale

It is not a secret that engaging customers with the right offer at the right time is a key to high conversion rates.

Deliver automated announcements by text message

Send special offers to new subscribers

Upsell to loyal customer

Recover cart abandonment

automated text message software
automated text message software

Build customer loyalty

Automated text message software lets your customers feel that you care about them.

Gather customer feedback

Launch loyalty programs

Send automated texts on holidays and birthdays

Deliver a better customer experience

Provide subscribers with helpful information when they need it. Send an automated text message to:

Warn about the subscription ending

Confirm or remind about an appointment

Tell about new products

Notify about delivery and orders

automated text message software

Integrate automated text message software with your favorite services

How personalized product recommendations work


Create message text in the automated system editor with up to 160 symbols, including links.


Schedule when to send automated text messages based on customer behavior and sending delay time.


Chose an audience segment who’ll receive SMS based on their

gender, location,

on site activity

traffic source


Analyze the results of automated text message campaigns based on


Open Rate


Combine your automated text message with marketing channels your customers prefer

Customer data platform

keeps your customers’ personal and behavior data

Automated email marketing

to complement your text campaigns

PopUp Maker

to grow the number of your email subscribers

Web Push Notifications

to re-engage those who left your website

Product recommendations

to provide a personalized shopping experience

Customer Feedback Survey Software

send your subscribers texts with a survey link to know them better

eCommerce Analytics Software

will help to find out the results of your campaigns

Landing Pages

to convert your subscribers into customers

Facebook Ads Automation Software

to engage customers on socials

Automated Text Message Software FAQ

It is a text message that is scheduled and pre-written by a human but sent by an automated system. Let us show you how it works.

The best automated text message app has the following features:

  • Opportunity to get legal permission to send SMS.
  • Choose text sending event, time, and audience.
  • Analytics to check campaign performance.
  • Global coverage.
  • Sending mass and single automated text messages.
  • Data security.

For example, business-like realtors, agencies, eCommerce, etc., use the VibeTrace app to send out appointment reminders and discounts, confirm orders and announce new arrivals. Learn how automated text message software works.

The answer to “how to make and send an automated text message” includes three steps:

  1. Create a message text.
  2. Choose triggers when to send a campaign.
  3. Define recipient conditions.

Check how it works within VibeTrace automated text message software.

It depends on the country you send the SMS to. We integrate with various text and SMS providers, like Twilio, SendSMS, Plivo, Telnyx. Contact Alexandru at [email protected] to get help.

There are 2 options here and both depend on the Text Provider we use for your account:

  • have your own dedicated text number, which might be the preferred option if you send many texts per month.
  • use a shared one (it’s used by other customers as well).

Within the VibeTrace sender, you can make an automated text message and save it as a sample to copy for future campaigns.