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Grow your eCommerce business based on real-time data on your products, marketing campaigns, and customers with analytics dashboards and reports.

All in one solution for your ecommerce marketing.

Product Analytics Reports

Integrations with Your Favorite Tools

Campaigns Performance with Metrics

Customer Profiling and Segmentation

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Analytics software with all tools you need to see a big picture of your eCommerce success at a glance

Know what products sell best

VibeTrace eCommerce analytics software empowers you to get precise data on how well your products are selling.

Make better merchandising decisions with info about the items, categories, and search queries for the chosen period:

Top Viewed Items

Top Added To Cart Items

Top Wishlisted Items

Top Purchased Items

Check the performance of marketing campaigns

Analyze the contribution of marketing campaigns on your website to revenue growth with the VibeTrace analytics dashboard.

eCommerce funnel analytics provides insights into carts and purchases during a set time.

According to the channel, you can track its

Direct and assisted conversion rate,

Clicks, Impressions

Open, Subscribe, and Bounce Rate

Learn who your customers

VibeTrace analytics provides eCommerce with a 360 view on its customer: engagement with campaigns, site activity, and personal data.

Use attributes and events to segment the audience and track eCommerce KPI analytics.

Web push and email subscribers stats

Website activity


Import and export subscribers lists

Integrate VibeTrace eCommerce analytics with your favorite tools

… and others

FAQ on eCommerce Analytics Software

Discover the Most Common Questions

Ecommerce analytics is is the process of collecting, organizing, and analyzing data from an online store to gain insights into customer behavior and the overall performance of the store.

It helps online retailers understand how customers interact with their website, which products or services are most popular, and how to improve the customer experience.

After setup and integration you can view your reports and analytics under Reports sections.

We integrate with the most common ecommerce CMS in the marketing through our existing modules, as well as Google Analytics (G4).

In Google Analytics we can push custom dimensions and track the events.

The best analytics software is the one who answers to your questions, allows you to track key ecommerce metrics such as sales, conversions, cart abandonment:

  • what products and categories do I sell the most
  • what are my top customers
  • what marketing campaign can I do next

It is a data collection about the performance of your products sales, web visitors’ behavior, and marketing campaigns results. eCommerce, agencies and retail businesses use web analytics to build data-driven marketing strategies and improve products.

Cost of your Ecommerce Analytics product feature is included in the cost of the product.

We make money by offering customers an end-to-end solution for customer data platform and marketing automation: email, SMS and webpush, as well as onsite personalization.

Data is updated in real-time. There are a few reports generated on a daily basis, using data from previous day.

If you have and manage custom integration, the analytics part can be synchornized at latest once a day.

To get started using our Ecommerce Analytics product feature you need to create an account with Vibetrace and setup integration for an ecommerce website.

After integration our systems will receive all required data to create the analytics and customer reports needed.