The Lucky Wheel – how to collect 4x emails with interactive campaigns

We had interaction campaigns for a long time. Probably 10 years now, since they were added just after email campaigns, that we started with.

With Interaction campaigns, you can show static messages, run dynamic popups based on site variables or even collect user input information with embedded forms. Although we supported running custom Javascript within those templates, things were quite limited.

Now it’s the next level, where interaction campaigns can have lots of custom Javascript. And the first one will be the Lucky Wheel, a dynamic collector of emails, with incredible results in our tests.

How it works. Lucky Wheel in action.

How Lucky Wheel works

Quick snapshot of configuration section for the lucky wheel.

Colors available, text and labels are configurable. And you can always come to use for help.

Click here for a full configuration article

March product update

We’ve been working in the last month on the following:

  • User Tags – you can easily add and now remove tags from users
  • Interaction campaigns – we’re sure they work on any website and our editor correctly deals with css
  • Countdown Timer – Generate Urgency by having an animated GIF added to your emails
  • Leave Intent – A new smart trigger (different from Exit Trigger) that can be used when clients try to leave your website for real.
  • Invoice Feedback – A feedback survey link is inserted into our outgoing invoices automatically. Please take 2 minutes to complete.
  • Newsletters – We’ve prioritised newsletter sending before recurring campaigns and created more parallel workers to send those.

GDPR meaning for e‑commerce businesses

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect 25 May 2018.

But what does this mean for e-commerce businesses, being known the fact the online shopping is using the most tools that might interfere with the rules.

What is GDPR?

GDPR is a new Regulation with European Union, that will force all companies that are based in or who do business inside the EU, to comply with strict new rules regarding the collection, storage and use of customer data.

All forms of customer data: photos, social media posts, IP addresses, bank details and any identifying numbers such as NI or SSNs are equally important. All all this data, regardless of origin should be opt-in only, stored securely and used only with the customer’s permission.

However, the GDPR rules are not set in stone. They have asked for a “reasonable” level of security to be provided, leaving a grey area as to if social media data should be treated the same as bank credentials. One thing is clear, users must give clear opt-in consent for their data to be stored and used in any way.

Pre filled consent checkboxes (for example in email subscription forms) and consent hidden in long T&C’s will be a thing of the past.

GDPR distinguishes three profiles when it comes to handling data:

  1. The Data Subject: The customer, user, employee, site visitor – anyone providing identifying personal data.
  2. The Data Controller: The businesses offering services or goods who control this data. They are responsible for the safe storage and use of the data, and need to state how and why the data is used.
  3. The Data Processor: Usually they are service providers, like ERP systems, Vibetrace, Ecommerce platforms, UPS and any internal teams employed to do similar work, such as an internal accounts team.

How will this affect e-commerce businesses?

The GDPR applies to all databases, marketing, sales, HR, accounting; Any way data is stored or processed, will fall under the new regulation.

Read more about these findings GDPR statement

Clear consent for marketing activities

As mentioned above, data subjects (customers/employees/users) must actively opt into marketing activities. Pre-filled checkboxes or consent below the fold or hidden inside TOS won’t work any more. Whilst this has been best practice from many marketers, what may impact some is the  “Use of data for 3rd parties” checkbox, of which now must list the third parties that may have access to their data specifically.

All of the above will impact the marketing industry, especially when it comes to personalisation, profiling and any marketing activities that involve big data processing.

The right to be forgotten

It must be easy for customers to not only edit their data and remove consent to marketing activities but also to delete their information entirely from a system. Whilst many companies offer account deletion, it can be an extended process nowadays.

The process to remove data must be easily found, well documented and advertised for those looking to remove their personal data.

Immediate breach response

As of May next year, both controllers and processors of customer data will need to abide by the GDPR. For larger companies, a Data Protection Officer must be appointed, whose first responsibility is to report data breaches and misconduct to the ICO. Online businesses must have a stringent procedure to follow when a data breach is detected and report to both the ICO and data subjects within 72 hours.

Increased fines for non-compliance, breaches, and misuse

The transition may be easier for e-commerce companies operating in the cloud. Large entities will have the resources to commit to becoming fully compliant, and begun work on a solution when the regulation was announced over a year ago. Businesses that rely on in-house servers or custom-built software will need to hire a team to audit and test their security for weaknesses and put in place processes to protect the data from input to deletion.

How Vibetrace deals with GDPR will be presented into a dedicated page.


Ask customers to whitelist your email and add to contact list

With all this email spam around us, is good to ask your customers to whitelist you as an email sender. Some systems mistakenly send emails into spam, so your users won’t benefit from that email.

Below is what we recommend to do to whitelist our email sender (hello vibetrace com)

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Best Marketing Calendar 2018 – UK, US and Australia

It’s never to late to know what you’re working on during 2018. Like any other year planning your marketing campaigns based on a calendar is the best way to convert like crazy.

So here it is, an infographic for the 3 countries with mostly English speaking population: US, UK and Australia.

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A/B test multiple email providers. Unique Feature!

What are you using to send emails? Is it your own server, or you pay one of the biggest providers?

If you use one of the most common email marketing services, they probably have built their own ESP or use a most common one (like one of those below).


There are many that allow to integrate through API’s or use a simple SMTP connection. Just to remember a few:

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11 Questions for Your Customers. #7 is a must!

End of year 2017 is very close. Feedback is more important than ever if you plan to build a solid business.


Regardless the role you have running the business is important to ask questions and secondly to ask the right questions.

First is important how you ask those questions. You have lots of questions and want answers to all of them at once, right?

In order to get some valuable feedback you need to split them in to bit-size chunks. That means one question at a time. Our solution allows you to ask polls with a simple question, so use them from Poll campaigns.

There are cases where it is possible to have 2, 3 questions or even more. But right now we will focus on the most important cases to ask only one questions at a time.

Here are 10 questions you should ask your customers:

Before purchasing

1.How did you first hear about us?

Learn which sources bring the most customers. (correlate answers with people who purchase).

2. What is your main problem you want to solve?

Probably your marketing message is not the one that will match customer needs.

3. What do you like most about our product/service/shop?

Improve marketing messages to promote the most delighting aspects of your business.

4. What is something that we need to improve?

You can’t wait to read the answers and start working on that, isn’t it?

5. What made you choose us over competitors?

Use information here to self-promote because this is something clients already use it when talking about you.

6. What do competitors do better than us?

Clients always compare options, so it’s better to see how they consider your competitors. Improve your business by learning competitors strengths.

7. How likely is that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?

Net Promoter Score and if you haven’t used it already now is time to do it.

8. If we have ever exceeded your expectations, ca you give us an example?

Maybe your products are better than in the pictures, or the delivery guy was just in time to bring in the present.

9. Have we ever failed to meet your expectations? What happened?

That’s also something you want to get fixed as quick as possible and to make sure it never happens again.

10. How would you find about a business/service like ours?

Important to know where to promote yourself, where your customers spend time for research.

11. Do you have any questions or suggestions for us?

Open question, here you let the customer be as open as possible with you.

November updates

Added Survey campaigns

Just in time to ask your customers what they did for BlackFriday.

We had poll campaigns for a year, but if you wanted to share a poll on Facebook or to link it from email you couldn’t.

Now it’s possible to share survey campaigns, because you have a public URL for each survey.

And they look like below:

New question types

We’ve added 2 new question types, along with the 5 existing ones: input (short and long), one or multiple options to select from and also NPS.

  • toggle (Yes/No or True/False or whatever you want)

  • mood state (smiley faces)

Personalized custom subdomain

All public links can be easily customized with your own domain:

What public links exists:

  • surveys links
  • subscribe and unsubscribe links
  • new things will come in the following months

How to set personalized links

Email notifications for polls and surveys

Poll and survey campaigns allow you to receive answers automatically right after you receive a new answer.

Each campaign can have this option enabled, as it is below:

Newsletter process email notifications

Right after a newsletter is processed, you can be notified by email. Activate the option under: Account->Profile

Read about newsletter processing email report

Ecommerce modules update

We’ve updated all our integration modules to send customer firstname, lastname, county and city along with the order.

We have Magento / Prestashop / Woocommerce / Opencart ready to be used. Many other will follow.