Enterprise Marketing Automation

Cloud based / on-premise marketing automation solution

Hosted in your internal data-center or dedicated cloud.

You own all processes and have direct access to customer data.

We take care of updates, monitoring and uptime.

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how to setup whitelabel marketing automation as an agency.

Modern Enterprise Marketing Automation

With Customer Data Platform

Full stack marketing automation with dedicated management.

Dedicated instance

Full marketing automation under your preferred hosting

Information storage and process can be deployed and customised to any cloud or self-hosted solution.


Modular support of features, including new ones

We manage everything: from deployment, monitoring, update and building new integrations or features.

Focus On Business not Software

You don’t spend time taking care of data platforms or marketing automation

All headaches of managing software, finding developers, building technology are on us.


Ready-made scenarios and templates for your marketing department

We set defaults that can be easily reused to create campaigns, content or automation workflows. Tested and deployed safely.

Real-Time Reports

Advanced real-time reports of data: users, activity, campaigns results, and even ecommerce catalog

Get closer to your customers with our reports built-in or sent over email.

Data Access

Data security is important so we provide various access levels for your company team members.

Safe customer data that it’s only yours. Safely accessed using SSO, SAML, oAuth or your dedicated Identity provider.

Top reasons to choose our Enterprise Marketing Automation

Safe data storage GDPR and CCPA compliant. End-to-end Encryption is also possible.

Owned customer data safely stored to your cloud or on-premise hosting.

Fully Managed Platform. We take care of development, monitoring, deployment and upgrades.

Can manage any data volumes. It can be 10.000 customers or 10 millions. We can scale it according to your needs.

White-label type. There is no reference about us. You have full control of Vanity URLs, branding and anything related.

Modern and always up-to-date. We continuously invest into research and development, so you don’t have to.

Fully customisable and extensible. Our specialists will do discovery and framing to architect a dedicated solution.

Over 15 years experience building dedicated data&marketing solutions.

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Dedicated Customer Data Platform

Integration with other internal systems

Extensible and personalized to your needs

Powerful segmentation and analytics

Managed processes, SLAs and GDPR/CCPA compliant.

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Omni-channel Automated Messaging

Built with personalization and automation in mind

Support multi-channel personalization and communication

Email, SMS, Webpush, onsite are standard channels.

Extensions available to integrate with any other channels: whatsapp, telegram or custom new ones.

Powered by data platform and integrations with any other owned data systems

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Strong data segmentation, analytics & reporting

Analyze customers’ profiles and create segments by customer value, lifecycle activity, or engagement

Check your customer data activity, events, products, categories, and brands performance

Track email marketing subscribe/unsubscribe rate, hard-bounce, spam, Open Rate, CTR

Improve marketing campaigns by analyzing its conversion rate, sales

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Provide a modern enterprise marketing automation solution that fits your digital business

Unlimited Data

There is no limit on usage. You can have millions of data profiles and store it indefinitely. We can always help with data retention and disposal.


We can integrate with any database systems through various connectors. Automate data transfer is also our business.

Standard Events Integration

Digital is our core source of data, so we automate tracking and integration on your digital properties. We do provide server side tracking containers.

Features Extension

Your business is unique and we support that by providing any custom development according to your needs.

Your Data is only yours

Safe store, manage, encrypt your customer data to match company policy. We can have this in a red-zone on-premise hosted or dedicated cloud instance. No overlap with other customer data.

You Focus on Your Success

We handle email deliverability, software development, hardware and all the hard stuff. You focus on your business success.

Stop managing multiple products and teams

Our dedicated enterprise solution comes with a dedicated team of architects and specialists.

From a marketing perspective we provide the following out of the box.

Web-push notifications

Email marketing automation

Personalized pop-ups and emails

Feedback & Reviews

Landing pages


Product recom-mendations

Real-time analytics

Integration with your existing CRM, BI, Analytics or other Data Platforms

Data Connectors for Enterprise Marketing Automation

Enterprise marketing automation platform – Frequently asked questions

Discover the Most Common Questions.

Enterprise need dedicated solutions. Our software will support enterprise with marketing automation needs. Different from all SAAS solutions, it includes dedicated data storage, data processing, is GDPR/CCPA compliant and comes with extra services.

Choosing the best marketing automation platform for your enterprise depends on a few factors:

  • Experienced company developing and supporting it
  • Dedicated data hosting and processing
  • Integration with existing enterprise solutions
  • Platform usability for dedicated departments
  • Scalability and customization according to needs

As service providers we would choose a tool like ours that first of all are specialists in the field.

Enterprise Marketing Automation from Vibetrace provides businesses with great opportunities to:

  • Save costs on software development.
  • Save resources on doing repetitive tasks.
  • Use less software platforms that come with higher costs
  • Focus on customers and services, not on products and technology

Our platform can be deployed on and cloud provider or can also be hosted on your dedicated in-house servers. We usually work on Linux systems, but compatibility with other ones can be covered as well.

We do provide email, SMS, webpush and onsite channels automatically. Personalization across those channels is out of the box but can also accept extensions.

For email we do have built connectors with the most known cloud based: Sparkpost, Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Mailgun, NetCore, Mandrill

For SMS we accept any SMS Gateway that can expose an API.

Our platform has a flexible data model that can work on both SQL and NoSQL systems. For the data analytics part we do use a SQL-like platform that supports queries at scale.

For the SQL systems it can also be deployed on Postgre, MariaDB, OracleDB or similar .

For the NoSQL we can make it work with MongoDB and Cassandra.

Learn how Vibetrace enterprise marketing automation platform can boost your digital revenues