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Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for us. Happy to see you’re interested!

Please write the entire page as it explains the guidelines, the submission process and details to have your post published.

Your submission must meet our content requirements and makes sure your article gets published on our website, with links, images and everything. Publishing of your guest post is FREE.

About Vibetrace blog

Vibetrace blog provides high quality information on digital marketing and advertising. Here are some details you need to know:

  • Blog Audience: Marketers, advertisers, business owners (ecommerce, digital agencies) looking to improve knowledge in the online marketing space.
  • Our tone: Our blog is authoritative and informative and tries to provide value with every piece of text. Conversational writing is our style—think approachable expert.
  • Our topics: ecommerce marketing, landing pages, email marketing, marketing automation, conversion rate, customer lifetime value, abandoned checkouts, digital revenue, PPC, advertising, marketing ideas, marketing templates, customer retention
  • Also we cover specific marketing advice for:
    • Ecommerce CMS: Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, Opencart …
    • Industry verticals: Fashion, Insurance, Home&Deco …
  • Our articles: While blog posts with text and images are the most common we also look to have the following:
    • A vs B, where topics can be from definitions, to metrics, companies, strategies
    • experiments and tests, especially in marketing
    • how to guides for the above topics
    • cheat sheets for various goals, platforms
    • case studies with real numbers and customers
    • examples on how ideas can be implemented, including detailed screenshots
    • before&after comparisons
    • lists of anything for above topics
    • trends, insights or statistics
    • vertical specific guides and advice (fashion, gaming, insurance …)
    • examples, templates, creative ideas for marketing (email design, campaigns ideas)

Our partners have priority in posting on our blogs. If you are interested in becoming a partner, check this page.

Article Guidelines

Guidelines to write on our blog need to cover the following requirements:

Use a similar writing tone


To have an understanding of our content, style, and structure (brief introductions, many headings and subheadings, concise paragraphs, relevant visuals, etc.), read a few posts thoroughly and then skim and investigate others.

Make sure it’s not already covered

Go to our blog main page and search for the topic you want to write about.

An alternative would be to use google to search our blog for your topic.

site: topic you want to write about

If you find content that was already written by someone else, don’t be sad! Read the article and try to come up with a new perspective, or to fill in what you think it’s missing. Write us the link of the article and what extra would you like to add to it.

Writing Requirements

What we do not want:

Here’s what we want!


  • Length: 1,200 words minimum. If you really can’t fill 1200 words, don’t add fluff, just let it so.
  • Short intro: ~100 words. Introduce your topic and then tell the reader what the post will cover. Think of tl;dr or what’s important
  • Outline: with Titles (H1, H2, H3)
  • Header Image: 800×400 (optional)


  • Explain your points / ideas thoroughly
  • Give practical and actionable tips
  • Backup up your points with research and real-life data
  • Link to supporting resources and other helpful guides online 
  • Add internal links to our tools, guides & blog posts
  • Links to competitor sites will not be added
  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors
  • Friendly tone: Conversational, not corporate!
  • High quality: 100% Original, actionable, organized, and accurate!
  • Short bio: 1-2 sentences. You can include links to your website or social accounts.
  • 2-3 Images: NO STOCK IMAGES are accepted. Images should add value by illustrating concepts and data. A Google image search should be more than sufficient; just be sure to cite the image source link under the image. 
  • Screenshots of other software, graphs, data are really important to be added
  • Submit the article via Google docs, public link. Do not send files, we do not open any attached document.

What we do not want:

  • Content generate by AI: No Jasper, no ChatGPT, no other AI tools that do the writing for you.
  • No top, best, whatever lists. There are exceptions where you really put effort into building it, with examples and very detailed information! Like 500-1000 words per each item of the list, with 5-10 images for each. Meaning in total 5.000-10.000 words, with 50-100 images in total. Original videos can replace images
  • Plagiarized Content or reformulated from other websites.
  • Too many backlinks: You can include a maximum of 2 per post, to YOUR site. That includes the link in your bio.
    • External links to sites other than your own are okay for citing images and stats.
  • Thin content that demonstrates a lack of depth of knowledge on a topic.
  • Fluff: redundant, filler words, uses many words to say little.
  • Overly promotional content, like bragging about how good a solution is.
  • Previously published or sponsored content.
  • Stock images that are not relevant to the content.
  • Write purely for search engine
  • No affiliate links to Amazon or whatever.
  • Links to low quality or obscure websites

Before sending us your article pitches, please take some time to review our existing content and ensure that your ideas are unique and not plagiarized or already present on another website.

If we determine that your article is not original, we will no longer work with you and your email address is added to our internal avoid list.

Ready to send a guest post?

Send an email to [email protected].

If you don’t have an article already done for submission, we can do it together with our team to follow all guidelines from this page. Send an email with the article title and the outline.

When an article is selected to be published, it goes through the following process:

  1. Pitch response: we’ll do our best to respond within 1-2 days. Please follow up in 1 week if you haven’t heard from us.
  2. Draft: If the draft meets our quality standards, we’ll review and edit it.
  3. Edits: We will edit the content to align with our standards as well as the style guide. If we need help from you we will let you know.
  4. Publishing: Depending on the level of edits needed your post could get published anywhere from 1-4 weeks after submission.
  5. Translation: The article gets translated automatically in one of the website languages available at that moment. For translation we use Deepl or Google Translate

Please ensure that the article you submit is the final version, as we do not permit any alterations or link additions once the article is published. We receive a lot of requests, so if we do not respond right away, there is no need to worry.

Sending Guest Post checklist

Before sending us an email with your article, make sure you answer with yes to all the following

1Article is created on Google docsYes or No
2Content is not already covered by existing articles on our blogYes or No
3Article is not too generic and contains very specific information: how to guides, case studies, numbers, examplesYes or No
4Content is not just scratching the surface regarding the topic. You bring value, expertise, research.
(this is the most common reason we refuse content, so had to write it again)
Yes or No
5There is no content copied from other articles on the internetYes or No
6There is no content generated with the help of AIYes or No
7Content includes an introYes or No
8Content is split into sections using headlines (H1, H2, H3)Yes or No
9Content has images that are not stock images.Yes or No
10There are no affiliate links inside the articleYes or No
11There are no short links inside the article.Yes or No
12Content is 100% original, and there is no filler text added just to reach 1200 characters.Yes or No
13You included a short bio at the bottom of the articleYes or No
Checklist for getting your guest post accepted.

Ownership and credit

When your article is published, your information will appear along with it. Make sure to also include the following along with your article submission:

  • Link to your Linkedin profile where we will copy:
    • photo of yourself
    • short biography (no more than 200 words)
  • You can send the photo and biography if you want to be different from the ones on Linkedin
  • A link to your website
  • Links to your social media channels (the ones you want to promote)
  • You retain ownership over all materials you submit to us, and you are allowed to republish them on your own website. Please allow at least 7 days after they have been published on our website. By submitting these materials to us, you grant us an exclusive right to use them in accordance with agreement on this page.
  • If you’re not sharing above information, the article will only mention your name and it will be published as one of our Content Editors.

Acceptance of Terms

By submitting an Article for publication on the website, you are confirming that you have read and accept this Agreement and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.

If you do not agree to these terms, you must not submit any Articles.