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Ads optimization, hidden costs, shifting budgets, and duplicating ad sets keep you busy 24/7?

Automate Facebook Ad campaigns placement with VibeTrace all-in-one tool for digital business


Facebook Ads Automation is going to be rebuilt for better integration with new Facebook API’s. Currently not available any more.

Quickly build and manage Facebook Ads with a complete solution from VibeTrace




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The best Facebook Ads software for reaching your website visitors and new customers

Create Facebook campaigns in a few clicks

Set the objective and budget of your in a simple Ads builder. VibeTrace software provides rich customer data to choose who will see this Ad post on Facebook based on target audience interests:

Custom audience

Behavior: cart abandonment, made a purchase, engaged with a page, etc.

Age, gender, country.

Easy to customize the design

Whether you create a single post, Facebook Ad, or product carousel, you can design its background, image, text, or video in VibeTrace software. Then, preview it in the Facebook Ad manager account.

Optimize with A/B testing

VibeTrace optimization software provides A/B testing to check which Facebook Ad variant performs best and improves future campaigns.

Here is your Facebook Ads campaign done. Let us show you how it can help your business to grow.

Complement your Facebook Ads with automated marketing campaigns

Automated text message

Send SMS campaign to leads captured with Facebook Ad software

Web Push Notifications

to launch retargeting campaigns for website visitors from your Facebook Ads

Product recommendations

You attracted visitors with Facebook Ads. Engage them to buy with the most relevant offers

PopUp Maker

software is the best option to capture your visitors’ data for Facebook Ads targeting

Automated Email Marketing

Convert leads you captured with Facebook Ads into customers

Customer Feedback Survey Software

send your subscribers texts with a survey link to know them better

Landing Pages

Use Facebook Ads Manager software to build a landing page to capture leads from your campaigns

Customer data platform

Our software provides all the data to create Facebook Ads based on the interests and behavior of your website visitors

eCommerce Analytics Software

to track the performance of your products, marketing campaigns, and customers activity

FAQ on Facebook Ads Automation Software

Discover the Most Common Questions

Our customers that use the integration with Facebook Ads are mostly online retailers because of the powerful features and integrations we have related to product catalogue and onsite ecommerce events.

Costs for Facebook Ads need to be supported by you. As a requirement for integrating with Facebook Ads is to have a business configured within their Business Manager, a page for your business, an Ad Account and a pixel.

Facebook provides an advertising network that you can use to promote your products and services. Please read more about Facebook ads on their website.

There are many competitors in this space. We at Vibetrace try to create the entire ecosystem needed to run your digital business without integration of multiple tools

Vibetrace Ads Software integrates with your Facebook Ads Business Manager and allows you the solution to automatically create objects needed by the ads. You still need to have a good understanding of Facebook Ads.

Vibetrace Ads software automatically creates the Ads that Facebook platform allows: product images slideshares, videos and also dynamic product ads are created automatically by our system.

Our integration with Facebook Ads is less powerful than doing it manually based on Facebook Ads documentation. But still enough to get things running and start retargeting customers or bringing new traffic.

Like any Automation Software, this one will automate your facebook ads. Facebook ads allow automation of the following:

  • product set and catalogue creation
  • tracking of events required for audience creation
  • creation of audience itself
  • creation of creatives (based on product information)
  • budget configuration