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Templates for the entire Customer Journey

We match the right Whatsapp Template with your Customer Journey.

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Official Whatsapp API

Vibetrace uses the official Whatsapp API.

Two way communication possible.

Let us show you how Whatsapp can push your Marketing to the next level.

Complement your Marketing with Whatsapp Messaging

Automated messages

Communicate with your customers with Whatsapp templates right inside Automations

Dynamic Templates

You can use dynamic templates to personalize messages based on individual customer profiles

Product recommendations

Create engaging carousels with product data. This can be created automatically using our recommender engine

PopUp Phone Collector

Collect Whatsapp subscribers using popups to ask for their phone number

Batch Messaging

Send promotional batch messaging to all your customers at once. Personalization is available.

Whatsapp Flows

Make use of Whatsapp flows for things like appointment booking or customer feedback

Fully Managed

You don’t need to worry about managing the technical aspects. We take care of everything

Official Whatsapp API

Start free with 1000 user initiated conversations per month and only pay for conversations you start.

Whatsapp Analytics

track message performance, including delivered, webhooks, reads and every aspect of the messages.

FAQ on Whatsapp Marketing Messaging

Discover the Most Common Questions

While we do cater our solution mostly to retail companies, like online-shops, Whatsapp communication is something that can be useful for many other types of businesses. Local offline shops, services and many others.

Whatsapp company, META, charges per conversation. You can check their pricing on this page.

Yes, Whatsapp messaging can be used for promotional messaging as well.

Yes, our platform support multi-language templates that also take into consideration each individual preferred language.

Whatsapp templates can be created and managed under your Whatsapp Business Manager. We also provide an initial setup of templates, with the most common use-cases.. Obviously, those will be personalized to your business.

Whatsapp is added as a channel to our platform. You can send a batch campaign to your customers, accordingly to the limits your account has.

There are limits on the conversations initiated by you. For the conversations initiated by users, there is no limit.

The initial business-initiated conversations limit during a 24hour moving period is 250, but it gets increased to 1000 through Business Verification.

Using Whatsapp templates you can send images, documents (like PDFs).