Actionable Ecommerce Analytics

Are your decisions based on data or just feeling?

Actionable tips focused on conversion optimization

Advanced customer profiling and segmentation

Site campaigns performance with metrics

Products, categories and brands performance

Email marketing and retargeting performance


Our ecommerce analytics service is complementary to Google Analytics and focuses on giving deep insights about your visitors and their shopping sessions.

Your dashboard will show you exactly how well your campaigns and tools perform for driving more sales and conversions.

User profiling

Drill down into the wealth ofcustomer preference data. Find out what your different customer segments are, how they make purchase decisions to maximize conversion rate.

Shopping Sessions

Stop looking at page-views and technology used to access your site.Follow shopping session activity, split pages into products, categories, or other content to show you relevant business metrics.

Campaign reporting

Turn into ROI every marketing campaign you make. Get beautiful and insightful reporting that gives you all the information you need.

A/B testing

You never know what version has thehighest conversion rate until you test. Use ecommerce A/B testing toincrease on every interaction pointyou decide.

Want to know your ecommerce metrics?

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