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Empower your Brand with a strong AI powered Platform

Marketing Automation & Customer Data Platform

Addressing Brands Pain Points

Here’s how we solve main struggles of big agencies & brands

Brand Consistency

Fully branded, our platform ensures consistency across all client touch points, including dashboard design, all public URLs, reports, and invoices

Integration Complexity

Our platform supports a wide range of integration options. Any ecommerce platform is supported. Whether it’s through direct integrations, API connections, or custom solutions, we offer flexibility to meet your specific needs. Encryption, Certificates, Security Zones, we got through all of those.


Our platform is designed for scalability, capable of growing alongside your agency and accommodating clients of all sizes and industries.

With robust infrastructure and flexible architecture, you can confidently scale your operations to meet the demands of your expanding client base.

Currently working with customers who manage multiple 1.000.000+ email list size and over 50M monthly active users.

Customization Capabilities:

Our platform provides extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor the platform to meet the unique needs and requirements of your diverse client base.

Leaving branding apart, feature customization and integrations is what we are best at. It gives you the flexibility to create tailored solutions that align perfectly with your clients’ needs.

Client Management

All your customers are under a single platform, but their data is kept separated within the same cloud. You will manage multiple clients within a single interface, ensuring data segregation and enabling personalized strategies for each client.

Reporting & Analytics

Our platform offers comprehensive and easy-to-understand reporting and analytics, allowing you to demonstrate ROI to your clients effectively.
Stay tuned for upcoming enhancements, including AI capabilities, for even more powerful insights and reporting capabilities.

Training & Support

If you need in-person training, you got it. Whatever question you have, we first create detailed documentation for your specific use case. Text and video included. If you have a big team and want to get fast to use the entire platform, we do on-site trainings.

Feature Highlights

Engage each customer (and visitor) with personalized email marketing campaigns. VibeTrace mail marketing platform provides powerful tools for dynamic communication based on user interests or behaviour.

Omni Channel Marketing

Seamless communication over Web, Email, SMS, Webpush Notifications. Access Multiple Providers: Easily integrate existing ones or bring your own ESP

Advanced Segmentation Capability

Unveiling User Behavior, Marketing, Product-related, and RFM Insights Expanding Data Platform Capabilities for a Unique 360° User Profile

Onsite Personalization

Elevate User Experience with Dynamic Content and Tailored Product Recommendations

Lead generation

Harnessing Leads and Crafting Effective Nurturing Programs for Lasting Customer Relationships

Ecommerce Catalogue Integration

Native Product Data Integration: Seamlessly Parse Product Feeds and Incorporate Custom Data for Targeted Campaigns Across Channels

Customer Feedback

Gather User Answers and Zero-Party Data with Ease: Extend Customer Platform with User Insights

Various Integrations & App Marketplace

Seamless Integrations with most Ecommerce Platforms and 3rd Party Solution Providers through a private App Marketplace

Marketing Intelligence

Unleash Marketing Intelligence: Transform Data & Behaviour into Actionable Insights for Strategic Decision-Making

White Label Features

Here’s how we solve main struggles of big agencies & brands

White Label branding

100% white label. There is no mention, you have custom dedicated cloud! Private IPs, private certificates, everything under your name.

Dedicated Cloud Instance or On-premise Setup

Your customer data is separated throughout the entire data lifetime (ingestion, processing, storage). You can have it in your own database (available on your premises by request)

Client Management Tools

Account-Level Configuration: Tailor Campaigns with Enabled Features

Configure and set up Custom Pricing Levels as well as Self-Service Options for Enhanced Flexibility

Invoicing & Billing

Effortless Billing Management: Handle Customer Charges Seamlessly Automatically Calculate Costs, Generate Invoices, and Process Monthly Payments

White-Label reporting

All reports are white label as well as client access to this information.

Customization & Flexibility

A complete and complex Software Solution Tailored for Agencies and Brands Ready to Make a Difference. There is no extension we can’t build or customization needed for specific use cases.

Key Differentiators

There are unique aspects that make us first option when choosing a marketing automation platform. See below what you get when choosing to work with us.

Seamless Integrations

Ensure seamless integration with popular ecommerce platforms, CRM systems, email marketing tools, and other third-party applications, enabling users to centralize their data and workflows for improved efficiency and productivity.

White-Label dedicated platform

There is no other platform that we know that offers such white label option at this level. We don’t speak about changing logos, colors, and branding, but everything is dedicated to you, including software extensions.

Dedicated Customer Support

Exceptional customer support with dedicated account managers, onboarding assistance, and ongoing training resources to ensure that users maximize the value of the platform and achieve their marketing goals.

Superior Segmentation Capabilities

Access to data provides robust & highly scalable segmentation tools that allow users to precisely target and engage specific audience segments based on behavior, demographics, and other criteria, leading to more effective campaigns and higher conversion rates.

Customization and Flexibility

You have access to a highly customizable and flexible platform that can adapt to the unique needs and requirements of each client, empowering users to tailor campaigns, workflows, and reporting to their specific objectives and preferences.

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