eCommerce Marketing Automation Platform

Turn your e-store visitors into loyal customers with multichannel campaigns on autopilot.

Web push, pop-ups, texts, ads, and email campaigns are in one platform built for eCommerce.

Trigger Behavioral Messaging

Product Recommendations

Visual Campaigns Builder

Advanced Dynamic Segments

Ready-Made Campaigns

VibeTrace eCommerce Marketing software provides a personalized shopping experience across all customer touchpoints

Know everything about your customer

VibeTrace customer data platform can:

– track website visitors’ behavior,
– collect customers’ data,
– get their feedback with surveys,

and store it in a single buyer profile.

With our segmentation software, it is easy for eCommerce to launch personalized campaigns with the right offer at the right time.

Attract and convert your visitors with personalized marketing campaigns

During the first session, convert visitors into buyers with automated product recommendations, web push, and pop-ups.

Use 100% customizable campaign templates or create from scratch.

Collect emails

Cross-sell viewed items

Launch exit-intent campaigns

Recover abandoned carts and checkout

Recommend products automatically

Return and retain customers

Bring your customers back and win their loyalty with target Facebook Ads, web push notifications, email, and SMS campaigns.

Cross-sell after the purchase

Email people who abandoned cart

Send a weekly newsletter with new items

Retarget people by visiting product categories or site search queries

Send vouchers and holiday greetings

Upsell recommendation

Analyze and improve marketing campaigns

Check your online marketing performance with visual analytics created especially for eCommerce needs. Then, improve it with A/B testing.

eCommerce CRM. User segmentation based on customer data platform info.

Campaigns CRT, Bounce, Spam, Unsubscribe, and Open Rate

Customers activity

Carts and purchases conversion funnel

Catalog search, top/viewed/added to cart or purchased items and categories

VibeTrace software provides easy integration with your favorite eCommerce platforms

Let us show you how VibeTrace marketing automation can turn your eCommerce website into a revenue generation machine

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A complete marketing automation tools stack for eCommerce website

eCommerce Marketing Automation FAQ

It is a software that provides online retailers with all-in-one tools for eCommerce website marketing automation. In addition, there is a set of tools to do repetitive marketing-related tasks: engage, capture, convert, and nurture website visitors into loyal customers.

eCommerce marketing automation is used to help retailers and online store owners to do repetitive tasks. For example:

  • Use personalized product recommendations to engage visitors
  • Return those who abandoned a cart with automated emails or web push notifications.
  • Prevent them from leaving the checkout with trigger pop-ups.
  • Reactivate old leads with the new items’ newsletter.
  • Retarget those who left your store with Facebook Ads and lead capture landing pages.
  • A/B Test your creatives.
  • Collect customer feedback with post-purchase survey software.
  • Reward loyal customers with special offers.

You can create automated email marketing campaigns from scratch or edit ready-made templates. There are top email marketing scenarios marketers launch in the VibeTrace platform for eCommerce websites:

  • Email people who abandon the checkout page.
  • Ask for a review after five days after purchase.
  • Send a welcome email to people who subscribe to your popups.
  • Email people who added items to the cart and abandoned them.
  • Send an email one day after purchase with cross-sell products.
  • Send a weekly newsletter to all subscribers with new products.
  • Retarget people who used the search function or visited product categories on a website.
  • Reactivate users who have the last email open/click 90 days ago.
  • Send a voucher three days before the user’s birthday.
  • Remind people who last bought from you three months ago.

The benefits of using an ecommerce marketing automation platform include increased efficiency, improved customer engagement and loyalty, better insights into customer behaviour, and improved ROI from marketing campaigns.

The cost of an ecommerce marketing automation platform can vary depending on features and the size of the business. Generally, the cost can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per month. Our pricing is based on usage and we consider this to be the best approach to choose a marketing automation platform

The best eCommerce marketing automation software has all tools to provide a personalized shopping experience at each step of your customers’ journey. It offers powerful segmentation, personalization, customization, and analytics to perfect your campaigns.

It is any marketing activity you do to boost online store sales. For example, launching pop-ups, web push notifications, emails, and product recommendations.

An ecommerce marketing automation platform works by automating marketing processes and tasks, such as email campaigns, lead management, customer segmentation, and content marketing. It allows businesses to create, manage, and optimize their marketing campaigns, personalize customer experiences, and measure the success of their efforts.

Ecommerce marketing automation platforms typically offer features such as email marketing, lead management, customer segmentation, content marketing, analytics, and A/B testing. See all features that Vibetrace offers.

An ecommerce marketing automation platform can increase sales by automating the process of engaging customers, identifying buying signals, and personalizing the customer experience. It can also provide insights into customer behaviour, allowing businesses to better understand their customers and optimize their marketing campaigns to increase sales.

Integrating an ecommerce store with an ecommerce marketing automation platform can be done by using APIs and plugins that are available for popular ecommerce platforms. Some ecommerce marketing automation platforms also provide plugins for integration. Read more about integration.