Marketing Automation Features

What are top features of Vibetrace, a complete marketing automation software with integrated CDP

List of top features used by marketing automation specialists, mainly for B2C and D2C brands

The following list of features does not include all small details.

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What differentiates us?

There are many reasons you should choose us. We are very customizable for large businesses, support various integrations and data flows.

Custom ESPs

You can use one of the existing email providers or bring your own. Supported integrations: Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Mailgun, Sparkpost, Mandrill, Pepipost and standard SMTP

Extensible CDP

Our Data Platform can be extended with new user attributes and custom events. Also integration flows through FTP, SFTP, S3, MFT or APIs are also possible

Hosted or Cloud

We are running instances where our customers are. But you can also have your own instance, within your own company hosting provider (cloud or not).

Product Recommendations

You can get custom algorithms for your product data feeds. We support custom secondary feeds and can add custom logic for the recommender engine

Data collection

Full-stack marketing software is important. We collect data using popups, javascript, embeded forms or can provide custom client based methods.

What else?

Let us know what is important for your business. Contact us to have a demo on how powerful can be a Data Automation company for your business.

Must-have Features to grow your business

Email Marketing

Create better emails, including personalization and product recommendations. All delivered to Inbox using Smart Deliverability.

Marketing Automation

Create 360 degrees customer profiles and give unique experiences to every visitor. Omni-channel messages are perfectly timed and targeted for increased conversions.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is growing, so your business should use it. Drive more dollars to your pockets using personalized text-message automations.

Real-Time Data

Not only we collect data in real-time automatically, but this is used in your marketing efforts. We combine information from marketing campaigns, website, ecommerce catalogue and user attributes.

Multi Variate Testing

Every campaign is built with A/B test in mind. So you can start testing anything from email subject lines, email service provider up to smart popups, product recommendations algorithms or visuals.

Data Integrations

Integrate easily with any ecommerce platform to collect data for our customer database. Also import custom files or export generated data to other software for an integrated data architecture.

Dynamic Segments

We not only collect data from anywhere. We analyze, clear, enhance and transform it in order to have real-time dynamic segments available at any moment.

Customer Database

You get built-in Customer Data Platform with all needed information: from behaviour, purchases, site

Ecommerce Analytics

Want to have best products or most added to cart added to your emails? Or what are people searching for on your website? Easy to find out and use in marketing.

Polls & Surveys

Collect zero-party data with our polls and surveys feature. Use answers to segment users and retarget or market to them again.

Intelligent Popups

Capture more emails to increase lists, decrease abandoned carts, or guide users to specific actions with intelligent triggered popups and onsite messages.

Product Recommendations

Smart Product Recommendations drive more user engagement and finally more sales and profits. Embed Intelligent Algorithms into emails, website or any marketing campaign.

Landing Pages

Dedicated landing pages to support marketing in attracting more leads, collect email subscribers

Facebook Ads

Build dynamic audiences, create product campaigns and dynamic ad-sets for attracting new traffic or retargeting clients about to leave your business.

Bring your own Provider

Don’t rely on a single ESP. Reuse existing email/SMS providers, if you already have or A/B test deliverability with any service providing APIs.

Important Marketing Automation Aspects

360 Customer ProfileGet an unified user profile with marketing, sales, support or CRM information from all sources.
Audiences and SegmentationYou can find the most profitable customers or synchronize dynamic audiences with ad networks to bring new good traffic only.
Data IntegrationsUsing siloed data hurts your business and limits your efficiency and decision making Integrate with existing tools to get a competitive edge.
Real-time MarketingReach more customers faster before they move to competitors, across every channel you have.
Cross-Channel PersonalizationEvery message should be fresh & personalized in real time for every customer to increase engagement and acting on.
Analytics & ReportingGet results in real-time and use them to find out insights and save opportunity costs.
Table with most important aspects of a Marketing Automation solution

Important Marketing Automation Benefits

Increase Retention & LoyaltyIt’s cheaper and strengthens business revenue compared to always focus on acquiring new customers
Increase Conversion RateOnly 3-4% of your visits end up with a conversion. Stop leaving money on the table and improve conversion rate.
Increase AVG Order ValueIncreased revenue can also come from increasing order value using cross-sells or upsells for example.
Recover AbandonmentPeople abandon their shopping journey in different places. Recover at least carts and checkout abandoners with smart approach.
Grow & Manage LeadsNot everyone is ready yet to purchase. Use microconversions and nurture leads to prospects until they purchase.
Provide Business InsightsFind out what source of traffic has best revenue or conversion rate. Determine what made people to take action and act on it.
Decreased Marketing CostsUsing segmentation and personalization in a single tool allows you to spend less with ads and other software.
Enrich Customer DataMore valid data means more opportunities into sales and conversions. Data is the new gold in recent years.
List of benefits you get for using a marketing automation Solution like Vibetrace

Tactics you must use with your Marketing Automation Software

Omni-Channel AutomationReach customers at the right time across channels: email, SMS, mobile, webpush, Whatsapp, Telegram for example
Cross-channel PersonalizationSending blasts is like an era ago. You need to personalize messages for each customer at the right time on each channel
Advertising AutomationGet best audiences by exploring high performing segments and synchornize those with ad networks to get new customers.
Product RecommendationRetailers benefit from having product recommendations using advanced algorithms as dynamic ways of personalization.
Dynamic Landing PagesUse landing pages to attract new leads from social media or advertising.
Data Collection ToolsExplore more opportunities with integrated data collection and dual synchornization.
Web+Mobile InteractionsGuide visitors to the next step in their customer journey. Use dynamic content for better engagement.
Performance ReportingYour marketing reports should show you what worked and not. Find out which and what conversions were assisted by what campaign.
List of tactics you must consider for your Marketing Automation Software

Overview of Marketing Automation High-Level Features

Email MarketingEmail marketing still outperforms many other channels, having a ROI of 40x
SMS MarketingSMS is very good for specific cases. Reach out to customers with high open and click rates.
Push NotificationsWebpush notifications are a cheap alternative to email and SMS and behave well on almost every browser.
A/B TestingYou need to be able to test multiple variants, in order to decide and act on the one that has a significant improvement.
Coupon GenerationVoucher codes are a good way to increase loyalty. Discount or value based, should be generated automatically.
Drag&Drop Visual EditorsForget coding, you need to have a simple but powerful visual editor without asking help from developers.
Design GalleryFind inspiration with best performing email and content gallery and simply customize texts and images.
Campaign ScenariosPredefined automation workflows to help you get started with best approach on remarketing.
Recommendation AlgorithmsYou need custom and configurable algorithms to return products according to business needs or to each user profile.
Popups & Interactive widgetsGuide users to the next step in purchase journey, collect more user data or grow email lists in an easy way.
Dynamic Content ReplacementStill showing email collector forms to subscribed users? Dynamic change content based on segments and attributes.
Polls & SurveysCollect customer feedback and data to improve business, enrich visitors and customer profile.
Net Promoter ScoreFind out how you’re doing with a NPS survey by email or direct on the website. Use it as segment condition.
Facebook & Google AdsGenerate dynamic product feeds, campaigns, ad sets and synchornize audiences with a click of a button.
Product Catalogue AnalyticsWhich are the best performing products? Use catalogue insights to build marketing campaigns with higher engagement.
Customer Segments EvolutionFollow advanced segment trends to see how your efforts are doing and act on it.
Data SynchronizationCan you synchrornize customer data with offline solutions, POS systems, ERP tools? Or can you push audience to ad networks in real time?
Assisted Conversions ReportsUnderstand what and which conversions were assisted by what marketing message.
Multiple ESP SupportDon’t get locked with an email provider you can’t control. Use any from Amazon SES, to Sendgrid, Sparkpost or internal SMTP.
Server side APIsIntegrate API’s server side to update, return or change user, events or event reports.
Advanced Visitor SegmentationBrowser and screen-size are not so relevant when personalizing content. Use advanced conditions like source, past purchase or RFM segment.
Custom Events TrackingWhile standard events like page view, add to cart are used by anyone, can you extend tracking and triggers for your needs?
Integration with other toolsHow possible is to integrate with existing solutions? How big is the ecosystem that you will be part in?
Platform customizationAlways find out beforehand how possible is to customize the solution to fit your needs.
Table with high-level features of marketing automation

List of Customer Database and Marketing Automation Features

Vibetrace features
Setup & Integrations
Ecommerce platforms plugins/modules/extensions
Standard ecommerce/email events tracked by default
Custom events tracking
Auto-tracking and user identification
TagManager support
Account Management & Support
Scenarios/Predefined campaigns
User Management and Roles
In-app help documentation
Setup user communication limits
Other support channels, Skype/Email/Phone/Chat
PUSH Notifications
1-click installation
Deliver based on behaviour
Dynamic content and tags
Instant delivery for entire list
Custom UTM-tracking
Email Marketing
Newsletters, product data included
Transactional Email Workflows, based on user behaviour
Automated, recurring newsletters
Advanced but simple drag&drop visual email editors
Unique coupon codes generation
A/B testing of content, subject
Dynamic email personalization
Include product recommendations inside email
Advanced user segmentation, based on attributes
Advanced event-based user segmentations, including product data conditions
Campaign level customizable UTM tracking
Direct edit of HTML
Product recommendations
Match your existing content
A/B testing of content, design and algorithms
Fast delivery, in 0.5 seconds
20 built-in recommendations algorithms. Cross-sell/Upsell and others
Embed onsite on into other third party solutions
Click and purchase reports
Onsite Interactions
Email collector popups/widgets
Gallery of templates you can use right away
Dynamic onsite messages
Lots of triggers: click, on-exit intent, page-load, scroll, wait
Advanced onsite segmentation, over 40+ rules
User data collection
Polls & Surveys
Net Promoter Score
Predefined data collection campaigns
Facebook Integration
Collect emails from Facebook
Auto-posting products slideshows/videos
Reporting and statistics
Campaign detailed metrics
Ecommerce catalogue reports
Custom segment evolution
Site activity reports
User profile 360 view
Assisted conversions reports
Third parties integration
Other email providers (Sendgrid, Mandrill, AmazonSES, SMTP)
Google Analytics
External APIs to send new emails
Coupon code request API
Javascript API
Add/Edit contacts server side
Sending Events API

Is there something missing? If YES, get in touch with us, become a client and we will add it!

Big Data Real Time Marketing

Behind Vibetrace solution is a powerful technology made possible through lots of research and analysis.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Behavior Modeling we deliver:

  • best product recommendations for your shop
  • real-time onsite personalization
  • event driven remarketing (omni channel)

Our systems can handle any website volume, complexity or conflicts. Another benefit of our solution is that it can be personalized for every customer and trained by actual people to improve the end result for your business.

Thus increasing conversion rate, customer retention and ultimately sales and revenue.

How it works: Data Collection

The first important thing is to have as much relevant information about your customers as possible. We observe all user behavior on your website, mobile apps and emailing. Every bit of information (click/tap/page view/email open) is saved into a huge dataset powered by Hadoop, about 10M lines every day.Get information about every user individually.

How it works: Event-driven Marketing Analysis

All data previously collected it’s then mixed to extract relevant information for every user. After mixing data and extracting patterns, it matches them with similar shopper’s profiles to decide how to follow a purchase. New users are always matched to the best converting group.

How it works: Marketing Message Automation

Each shopper’s experience it’s then personalized on all interaction points, by providing him with the most relevant products, offers and content. Each marketing campaign can be tailored to every customer uniqueness to persuade him to buy from you. Every user is treated differently to convince him to buy.

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