Vibetrace vs. Marketing Automation Alternatives

Our full stack marketing automation competes with other software. See below Vibetrace alternatives.

Vibetrace offers an unique White Label solution, on-premise or dedicated cloud instance.


Most known alternative to Vibetrace, with pricing per contact list size.

Only SMS and email marketing as channels. Onsite personalization is also possible, as well as customer segmentation.


Has 3 main 1-to-1 channels, like Vibetrace for automations.

An Omnisend alternative needs to also bring Facebook Ads and Google Ads audience. Segmentation and personalization is possible.

Omnisend vs Vibetrace


Started as an email series solution initially, it’s now dedicated to ecommerce

It provides email marketing, automations, popups and forms. Also segmentation and personalization.

Drip vs Vibetrace


Promotes itself as data driven marketing solution.

It is a dedicated ESP also giving you customer segmentation. Provides emails & SMS, as well as onsite personalization.

Sendlane vs Vibetrace


Send emails, display popups and personalize web pages.

Provides Marketing Automation through SMS and email. Also you can create popups and track everything with Analytics and reports.


Well known solution with a big focus on email.

You can have audiences lists, mainly focused on email addresses. Doing customer segmentation and Ads synchornization is possible.

Mailchimp vs Vibetrace


Not dedicated to ecommerce but to general busineses

Allows you to run automations through SMS, Email and whatsapp. Also brings landing pages and signup forms.


Provides segmentation as well as marketing automation through email.

Landing pages and subscription pages are part of their offer, as well as product recommendations

Moosend vs Vibetrace


Tools to send emails, create pages and automate marketing.

More focused on digital business, also provides livechat and has all three channels like Vibetrace

Getresponse vs Vibetrace

Adobe Campaign

Very customizable enterprise grade solution

Compares directly with Vibetrace enterprise solution, which can be deployed on-premise or cloud based. Modules and extensive.


Complete experience cloud like Vibetrace

Works well for engagement and provides a good omnichannel orchestration. Also integrates with mobiles apps and advertising.

Oracle Eloqua

Focused on B2B mostly, it’s a very powerful marketing automation system

Create advanced B2B marketing plans, but does not work well for ecommerce businesses.


Insight-led customer engagedment plaform.

It can help customers orchestrate journeys over multiple channels, using AI.


Open-source solution for email marketing & CRM

You might start free with Mautic, but you’re missing out tons of benefits.


Iterable is focusing on cross-channel customer journeys.

Like we do. Personalize each channel with engaging campaigns.

Looking for a white label alternative to any of the above?

If you are an agency or manage multiple accounts and you’re looking for a white-label marketing automation software, look no further.

There is one solution to have everything under your own brand, dedicated to agencies or customers managing multiple accounts.

Trusted by 1,000+ companies

Join over 1,000 brands who are using Vibetrace as their marketing automation software.

From small ecommerce to large enterprise companies from Top 500. All rely on us

We’ve build them a powerful customer data platform as base for marketing automation

We’ve optimized their digital revenue and generated over $500M extra over the years

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Top benefits to choose Vibetrace as best alternative

You get access to more than 15 years experience working and creating data platforms and marketing experiences

Fully customizable for your needs. Either you want dedicated or cloud based, we cover it.

Fully Managed Platform. We take care of development, monitoring, deployment and upgrades.

We are generating and assisting more than 30% of digital revenue with the entire marketing solution.

Modern and always up-to-date. We continuously invest into research and development, so you don’t have to.

You don’t get a NO answer. Never. We are working hand in hand with you.

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What is a marketing automation alternative?

An alternative is another option you have for solving a business problem related to marketing automation.

How do I choose an alternative?

Best way to choose an alternative software is to go through those steps:
– asses your business and marketing requirements
– analyze product and service offering of various providers.
– analyze monetary information (pricing) for the tool and for specific services that you might consider
– decide which solution will help you solve problems in a better, cheaper, easier or faster way.

What is the most important for marketing automation?

From our point of view, when assessing multiple marketing automation platform you need to focus on:
– integrations, including other service providers (like email)
– scalability, or ability to scale regardless data volumes
– customization features, how fast and how much can they adapt to your business needs
– team support