How to increase conversion rate

How much traffic do you actually convert into sales?

Is it 3%? Do you want to convert more?

Online shopping consists in a series of steps, on and off site. We tackle conversions from each step with the right tools, to increase the conversion rate and to bring you the maximum ROI.

To increase sales and optimize conversion rate, Vibetrace does the following:

  • automatically segmenting users
  • personalizing the entire shopping experience
  • engage customers on the long term

97 out of 100 people leave your website!

Really, think about it. Hopefully you have a 3% conversion rate

Help me convert lost traffic!

How to increase conversion rate

How much traffic do you actually convert into sales? Do you want to convert more?

Visitors come to your website

You pay lots of money on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, comparison engines, offline advertising, affiliate marketing, marketplaces and countless other online sources. Or you get them for free through SEO, social network or other referrals. Save money you spend on advertising!!!

First 5 seconds: convert Visitors to Prospects

People clicking your ads are somehow interested in your products/services. The first thing is to convince them they can find what they are looking for. Otherwise they will bounce, hitting the back button or closing the page. What you can do here:

  • A/B testing and Heat Maps for landing pages
  • Special offers and personalized brand adverstising
  • Sign-up points to newsletter, wishlists, daily deals

Keep users on site, decrease bounce-rate

Get shoppers to buy from you, turn them into customers

This step is about persuasion: you have the best products for your client and he has to know it. Even if it’s not ready to make the purchase right away, there are plenty of things to do:

  • Social Proof (reviews, other people opinions)
  • Create scarcity: limited offers, time-constrained promotions
  • Personalization: product recommendations that are tied to each user profile
  • Email remarketing do get them back on your website
  • Retargeting on Google Adwords and Facebook
  • Shopping sessions analytics
  • Behavioral widgets with special offers, vouchers, promotions

Convince shoppers to buy right now

Almost there, very close to purchase. Make them buyers

This stage is crucial as cart and checkout abandonment can reach 70%. You need to find solutions to drop the abandon rate to minimum:

  • Actionable cart and checkout analytics
  • Cart recovery emails
  • Triggered incentives with calls to action
  • Shoppers polls, feedback and reward programs

Decrease abandoned checkout, recover carts!

Done, purchase confirmed. Repeat customer anyone?

Do you consider a one-time buyer really a customer? Certainly, the cost of acquiring a new customer is much higher than retaining a loyal customer. So you should build your repeat-customer-base. What can you do on this step:

  • Customer follow-ups and ask-for-reviews
  • Personalized newsletters
  • Exclusive offers and recommendations

It’s much cheaper to sell to an existing client than to acquire a new one

Happy friends in your community

The last step in the funnel is converting customers into a community. That’s why you have a community manager to invest time on social media, contacting customers and keeping them happy. Well done! With Vibetrace you have a long-term happy customer

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