Unlock Customer Segmentation

Apply advanced methods to discover the best customer segmentation models

Powered on our strong CDP, customer segmentation works with:

website visitors



Klaviyo Alternative

Customer Segmentation works for 100 or 100 million users. There are no limitations in terms of volumes.

Real-Time Data Platform

Ready for Marketing & Ads

Multi Channel Integrations

Easy to Extend

Strong Scalability

Behavioural Triggers

Built-in Customer Segmentation Models to create Audiences & Segments

Basic Segmentation Models

Perfect for beginners. Segment by age, location, or purchase history with just a few clicks.

Profile Data:

personal info,

dynamic attributes


Behaviour Data

product interests


cart & wishlist


Advanced Segmentation Models

Ready to level up? Dive into RFM analysis, churn/retention modeling, and basket analysis for laser-focused campaigns

Buyer Segmentation (RFM)

Churn&Retention Modelling

Ecommerce Catalogue Data

Cohort Analysis

Customer Segmentation is a MUST-HAVE for any digital business

Stop shooting in the dark. Target the right customers with the right messages. Our platform lets you do just that, effortlessly.

works with onsite campaigns

email automation

multi-channel integration

export and import customer data

easy to use segment builder

Get immediate insights on best customers

The customer data platform provides real-time reports on how audience interact with your campaigns:

Easily integrate with your existing CRM, email, and social media platforms for a unified marketing experience.

Data security is no joke. Rest easy knowing your customer data is protected and GDPR compliant.

From startups to enterprises, our platform scales with you. No hiccups, just smooth sailing

Customizable for any business, but more powerful for retailers, financial and services companies.

Read more about customer data platform.

Integrate the VibeTrace customer data platform with your favorite tools

Make use of advanced segmentation models

Buyer Segmentation (RFM)

Real Time Event Analytics

Marketing Behaviour

Product Catalogue Data

Retention/Churn Modelling

Basket Analysis

Top Customer Segmentation FAQs

Discover the Most Common Questions

Segmentation helps you tailor marketing efforts to specific groups, boosting engagement and ROI. If you’re not doing it you waste a lot of opportunities.

Common types include demographic, behavioral, psychographic, and geographic segmentation.

Then for ecommerce we have Catalogue analysis, Basket analysis as well as Buyer Segmentation (RFM), Cohort Analysis, Churn and Retention modelling.

We do follow the most common security aspects regarding data protection.

This includes data in traffic, between systems, data while is being processed as well as data at rest.

There are security policies for each point and also limit access to employees to personal data.

Yes, you can export segments to CSV file and use them to import into other systems or platforms.


You can extend both customer profile with new attributes, as well as track new types of events that are not within our standard ones.

Yes. Our whole Customer Data Platform is synchronized in real-time over various use cases.

You can trigger campaigns in real-time or get audiences and segments updated in real-time.

You can use customer segmentation in a few ways:

  1. Unknown website visitors
  2. Prospects & leads, that did not yet do any purchase with you
  3. Customers

Information on those 3 segments can be used in various types of campaigns in order to guide them through the customer journey, to increase conversion and retention.

Very scalable.

Smallest customers have 100 visits per day and email lists of a few hundred.

Large customers have 2-3 million visits per day and lists size of over 6 millions users.

Computing segments takes from a few seconds up to 1 minute maximum, and it’s powered by scalable cloud infrastructure.

Short answer: you. While we do the management, performance optimizations and everything between, the data itself is yours. If you have on-premise (hosted) solution, than you have direct access to the databases or cloud accounts.

Short answer is yes. We do run data imports, including custom ones. The main aspect needed is related to identification of personas, as it can be done through email, phone numbers or internal customer ID.s