Automate your email marketing with triggered events and workflows

VibeTrace email marketing automation software is created to turn your conversions into sales.

Set up automated email workflows once to get in touch with subscribers at the perfect moment.

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Audience Segmentation

Visual Automation Builder

A/B Testing

Ready-Made Templates

Personalize each email

Engage each subscriber with personalized email marketing campaigns. VibeTrace mail marketing platform provides powerful tools for sending automated emails based on user interests or behavior.

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email automation tool

Send automated emails based on subscribers’ behavior

VibeTrace automated email marketing software allows you to segment subscribers based on their actions on your website.

Recommend products based on the viewed/added/purchased items

Deliver lead magnets

Reactive customers with special offers

Gain customers’ loyalty with Birthday reminders or Season Greetings

Recover abandoned carts

Initiate customer satisfaction surveys

Increase customer retention

Email marketing automation software is a great way to increase sales by 48% and even more by sending messages to existing customers. Using automated emails you can increase and improve your communication with existing customers, but also engage new ones.

Upsell and cross-sell products

Recover more abandoned carts with follow-up emails

Request a review

Reactivate with discounts

And many more triggers

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automated emails

Make informed decisions based on campaigns performance

Automated email campaigns reports are there to help your business improve metrics related to email marketing:

Number of sent emails

Click-Through Rate

Spam, Bounce, Open Rate

Number of unsubscribed users

Revenue per email sent

Let us show you how the VibeTrace email automation platform will grow your sales

Combine automatic emails with marketing channels your customers prefer

Customer data platform

to keep customers’ personal and behavior data

Automated text message

to complement your email campaigns

Popup maker

to grow the number of your email subscribers

Web Push Notifications

to re-engage those who left your website

Product recommendations

provide a personalized shopping experience

Customer Feedback Software

to survey your customers and improve products

eCommerce Analytics Software

will help to find out the results of your campaigns

Landing Pages Builder

to convert your subscribers into customers

Facebook Ads Automation Software

to engage customers on socials

FAQ on Email Automation Campaigns

It is a method of sending emails with the right info to the right subscribers at the right moment automatically. It means you don’t have to do the work every time because the email marketing automation platform does it for you.

Email automation software allows marketers to schedule triggered email campaigns when subscribers perform a specific action on a website. For example, when subscribers abandon a cart, the system sometimes sends them personalized and hyper-relevant emails to finish the purchase.

To create automatic emails, follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to choose an action the subscriber does on your website. This trigger will launch email sending (e.g., an abandoned cart, a subscription, or a purchase).
  2. Work over the content of an email that will be sent after trigger activation,
  3. Define who will receive the email by segmenting them.
  4. Set the trigger.
  5. Save the campaign.

Let us show you how it works!

Yes, you can. In VibeTrace automated email marketing software, you can create the newsletter and select a subscriber segment to send it.

You can also add multiple lists of recipients or create custom recipient segments.

Email marketing automation is available at each VibeTrace plan. Click to check email marketing automation prices now.

Automating Email Marketing for your online store is simple with Vibetrace. We do provide integrations for the most common ecommerce platforms: Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce, Opencart.

Users are automatically identified using our Pixel JS events and data is collecting for use in your digital maketing campaigns.