Customer Feedback Software

Tired of hours interviewing customers?

Collect insights on how to make them happier on autopilot: build surveys and share them on preferred channels in a few clicks.

Visual Builder

Feedback Survey Templates

Automated Personalization

Answers Report

Enrich Customer Profiles

Use Answers in segmentation


VibeTrace is the best software to create customer surveys


Launch poll widgets for your website visitors


Send survey links over email or social media

Build customer feedback survey template with questions that work for you

There are seven customer satisfaction questions available to make NPS, CES, CSAT, and other types of feedback survey.

Short text answer

Long text answer

Yes/No question

Radio Buttons


Mood state

Net Promoter Score

Customize design according to your brand style

VibeTrace software user can easily use builder tools to add text, change style, and buttons of the feedback survey. Then, preview how it will look on your website just inside the platform.

Define who and when will see your feedback survey or poll

Our customer feedback tool provides ready-made scenarios. But thanks to rich audience segmentation, you can always choose who, when, and where you will see your survey.

Analyze customer survey performance with the VibeTrace tracker to uncover growth opportunities

Customer feedback analytics provides visual reports on each question in your survey that you can analyze right on our platform. There are feedback chart and insights from each of your customers answers to export at any time.

Customer Feedback Software FAQ

We provide multiple ways for your business to collect feedback from your customers and recipients:

  • surveys with dedicated landing pages
  • onsite polls that show up according to segments
  • emails with links directly to the surveys.

Yes, we do provide best practices for polls and surveys. While there are only a few at this moment we always add more ideas to collect customer feedback: where and when should you ask, how many times or even what other customers are doing.

Absolutely. Whenever one of the recipients responds according to your requirements you can add or remove tags.
This way you can use the information later in customer segmentation.

While we might not provide the best customer feedback tool, it’s one the automatically integrates with our customer database, therefore there is not much you need to do to benefit for a fully featured solution.

Within a survey/poll there are multiple question types: radio options, checkbox (multiple) options, text input, NPS score, 1-5 scale or Mood questions

We provide responses collected from customers feedback in our dashboard. You can download the responses and analyze them in an excel file or you can see the graphs right inside our software.

Absolutely! Actually this is one of the best ideas when it comes to collecting visitors feedback from your website.

You can also add widgets and collect feedback on checkout page.

Collecting data is important for any business. This information can help you follow metrics, use it in customer segmentation and also guide you for business decisions.

Our Customer Feedback Software integrates automatically with Customer Data Platform so you have access right away to all these.

Integrate VibeTrace eCommerce analytics with your favorite tools

… and others

Get insights quicker. Send surveys through customers’ preferred channels

Add them to popups

Push through Email Marketing

Integrated with Customer data platform

Dedicated landing pages with surveys

Published automatically on social media

Send them as links through SMS or Whatsapp