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About us

Short history

Vibetrace started as an ecommerce agency in 2008. We are a remote first company, with physical locations mainly around Europe. Our team is permanently growing and always looking to hire smart people. If interested please contact us.

What we aim for:

Making customers successful.

Our sole focus is to increase and optimize online revenues through a set of products and expert advice. Our interactive tools allow one-to-one personalized communication, always delivering the right message to each shopper. Move beyond analytics and reports to create relationships that will last and turn into increased conversion rate and growing sales.

What we aim for:

a long-term relationship, reasoning that if our customers are successful then so will we be. That’s why we are very flexible and always happy to match your evolving needs. If you feel we can work together in any form, or you just want to have a coffee together, drop us a line and will reply as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

All templates and designs are customizable, limited to your imagination. We provide a gallery for inspiration at the beginning.

Anything you do for your users it’s called campaign. The single main focus: more purchases and increased conversion rate.

Please contact us, will be happy to answer you as soon as possible

Our company is remote-first, but we have physical locations in Bucharest, Romania, Zürich-Switzerland and Boston US (through partner)

Most of the time we do online demos. If you want a face to face meeting this is possible if you are interested into our on-premise solution or you are a large customer.

Yes, sure. Contact us and you will receive personal details of people you want to talk to. Business related, obviously.