Klaviyo Alternative

Here’s why we consider Vibetrace a better alternative to Klaviyo.

At least similar advanced automation features and customer segmentation.

See how Vibetrace stacks up against Klaviyo.

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Klaviyo Alternative
Is there a better Klaviyo alternative?

What makes a better alternative to Klaviyo?

There are many experts that know Klaviyo as a real powerful marketing automation platform with advanced customer segmentation. But what if you can have more than what Klaviyo offers, together with the possibile to extend and make the platform your own?

Vibetrace is built and works amazing for larger contacts lists, and you will always get a dedicated Success Manager to help you with any step in adopting the marketing automation software we provide. From integration, to strategy and automations workflow setup!

Beat that Klaviyo! If you’re ready to start building powerful automations and go deep with customer segmentation, than Vibetrace is a really good Klaviyo alternative.

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Unique Features compared to Klaviyo

Marketing Automation is not only about email and SMS. It starts with a Customer Data Platform and gives you unlimited personalization option for your omni-channel initiatives. Here’s our high-level features that Klaviyo does not have:

Send emails through multiple Email Service Providers

You can use Sendgrid, Amazon SES, Sparkpost, Mailgun, Pepipost or any other SMTP/API based email provider.

Also you can do A/B tests between those.

True Web

Very powerful web personalization, including updating existing site content automatically.

Possible using advanced user segmentation, with over 100 conditions available.

Product recommendations for email and onsite

Product recommendations increase average order value and guide customers to purchase.

Use them both on the website and also within emails with over 12 predefined algorithms.

Webpush notifications

When we talk omni-channel we are serious about that. Email and SMS are good, but not enough.

Vibetrace also provides webpush notifications using Google Firebase automatically on your website.

Collect first party data using polls and surveys

Surveys and Polls should be part of your marketing strategy to bring more data in.

Link polls and surveys to customer data platform in and apply user segmentation based on their answers.

Want to know more?

Fully customizable, also providing dedicated instances.

Let’s discover a better Klaviyo alternative together.

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Customer Data Platform

Vibetrace has a powerful customer platform behind it. Klaviyo is similar:

Extensible User Profile data with 360 view

Website and ecommerce activity events

External integrations possible.

Advanced customer segmentation and dynamic segments

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Marketing Automation

Email, SMS and webpush are built out of the box

More than one ESP. We integrate with Sendgrid, Sparkpost, Mailgun, Amazon SES and not only

Bring your own provider, be it for SMS, email or any other communication channels

Powerful automation flows, with an integrated approach: site, email, sms, push, advertising

A/B testing is part of our core. Try it everywhere.

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Omni-channel marketing

Personalize website customer journey with popups, messages

Embed product recommendations onsite and in email

Collect zero party data with polls and surveys

Launch personalized campaigns with a fully featured solution

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Better then Klaviyo Pricing

As we wrote this page, Klaviyo just increased it’s price a few weeks ago. But still charges for contact list size. We don’t. Fair pricing for a marketing automation solution should be based on active users. If pricing is important for your marketing automation software, then you need to consider Vibetrace as a good Klaviyo alternative.

Here’s an article we wrote regarding Klaviyo Pricing or what would be a better alternative to Klaviyo if your contact list is big.

Must-have Features to grow your business

Email Marketing

Create better emails, including personalization and product recommendations. All delivered to Inbox using Smart Deliverability.

Marketing Automation

Create 360 degrees customer profiles and give unique experiences to every visitor. Omni-channel messages are perfectly timed and targeted for increased conversions.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is growing, so your business should use it. Drive more dollars to your pockets using personalized text-message automations.

Real-Time Data

Not only we collect data in real-time automatically, but this is used in your marketing efforts. We combine information from marketing campaigns, website, ecommerce catalogue and user attributes.

Multi Variate Testing

Every campaign is built with A/B test in mind. So you can start testing anything from email subject lines, email service provider up to smart popups, product recommendations algorithms or visuals.

Data Integrations

Integrate easily with any ecommerce platform to collect data for our customer database. Also import custom files or export generated data to other software for an integrated data architecture.

Dynamic Segments

We not only collect data from anywhere. We analyze, clear, enhance and transform it in order to have real-time dynamic segments available at any moment.

Customer Database

You get built-in Customer Data Platform with all needed information: from behaviour, purchases, site

Ecommerce Analytics

Want to have best products or most added to cart added to your emails? Or what are people searching for on your website? Easy to find out and use in marketing.

Polls & Surveys

Collect zero-party data with our polls and surveys feature. Use answers to segment users and retarget or market to them again.

Intelligent Popups

Capture more emails to increase lists, decrease abandoned carts, or guide users to specific actions with intelligent triggered popups and onsite messages.

Product Recommendations

Smart Product Recommendations drive more user engagement and finally more sales and profits. Embed Intelligent Algorithms into emails, website or any marketing campaign.

Landing Pages

Dedicated landing pages to support marketing in attracting more leads, collect email subscribers

Facebook Ads

Build dynamic audiences, create product campaigns and dynamic ad-sets for attracting new traffic or retargeting clients about to leave your business.

Bring your own Provider

Don’t rely on a single ESP. Reuse existing email/SMS providers, if you already have or A/B test deliverability with any service providing APIs.