Klaviyo Pricing 2024

Following our series of posts regarding Klaviyo competitor pricing updates, we write our article for 2024.

Old article is here.

Klaviyo is the most known marketing automation, especially for retail & ecommerce. There is interest in Klaviyo Pricing, as we can see from this question for example inside their community:

Is Klaviyo Free in 2024?

Short answer is yes. You start free when you have under 250 contacts. But that means you’re just starting out or test their software.

Alternative to Klaviyo

We deliver a great alternative for businesses with big lists (over 50.000 emails) or who want to have their dedicated data center solution, with more benefits. Contact us.

Cost for 1.000.000 (million) emails sent is just $150. Let’s talk about your next marketing automation platform.

And you are limited to maximum 500 email sends/month and also 1500 SMS.

How much Klaviyo costs for more than 250 contacts?

The next plans are starting at $20 for email or $35 for both email and SMS.

You will have access to all their features, but you’re limited to:

  • max 500 active profiles
  • 5000 email sends
  • 1250 sms sends.

They changed the definition regarding contacts and they named it active profile.

What is a Klaviyo active profile? 

Any profile that can be emailed through Klaviyo is considered an active email profile. There are 2 main categories of active profiles: Subscribers. Subscribers have filled out a signup form or otherwise explicitly consented to receive email marketing.

How much it costs for 10.000 contacts?

Still bearable, but 10.000 email contacts is not too much. And you’ll be paying about 175 for email marketing

How much Klaviyo costs for 50.000 contacts?

Starting at 50.000 it means that you are a bigger business. You’ll end up paying $790 for email marketing if you have 50.000 email contacts in your list.

This is the point when you need to look at alternatives like Vibetrace Klaviyo alternative.

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Klaviyo cost for 200.000 contacts list size

For medium businesses with larger list things get serious (and more expensive)

For 200.000 email size you’ll pay $2300 per month. That’s huge. At this point Vibetrace is a really good alternative you need to switch asap.

Contact us.

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Pricing Table for Klaviyo Email Marketing

Klaviyo is even more expensive in 2024 than it was in 2023.

We’ve made our own computations how much more you are paying.

Number of contactsEmail + SMSEmailPrice Increase
2024 Pricing Table Klaviyo compared to 2023 Pricing
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