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Become our Partner and let’s win together

Our Partner Program aims to truly create a mutual benefit ecosystem.

We’re looking for agencies, freelancers, Shopify experts or other Saas Solutions in the same industry.

Recurring Revenue Share

Get a monthly revenue share for the lifetime of the clients you bring or manage with Vibetrace.

Commissions are % of the monthly invoice and can be up to 35%.

Co-marketing Activities

Doing Marketing together benefits from Network Effect.

We can do from blog posts, to podcasts, social media sharing – and everything else that can help both of us reach more customers and increase audiences.

Marketing & Sales Support

All you need for pitching our software to your clients.

Do you need materials or statistics or tips that are not public? Yes, we can help with that. Also we’re open as acting as your partners when doing 1-1 demos or pitches.

Vibetrace Partner Calculator

Number of customers:

Average cost per customer (costs only for marketing automation/email marketing)

Potential setup fee:

Average Retainer Fee:

Calculate Annual Revenue

Your annual revenue by partnering with Vibetrace:

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What does it mean to be Vibetrace reseller?

We are a marketing automation platform and customer data platform. You can read more about our features and white label.

Example of revenue you can generate using our White Label solution, based on various customer size (monthly costs), monthly retainer and setup-fee (one time) that you can make in 1 year with Vibetrace.

This is in US Dollars and can be different based on country, industry .

# customersavg monthly costsetup feemonthly retainerannual net revenue
Simulation of revenue for agencies that would partner with us.

Use of this Calculator (“Calculator”) does not create any contract or obligations between you and Vibetrace. Vibetrace does not provide any guarantee of actual earnings. All results of the Calculator are estimates only and cannot be relied on as an indicator of future results. Actual Partner commissions and incentives depend on a number of factors, including number of clients, cost of Vibetrace Services and set up fees, retainer fees you choose, and commission rates and incentives that may apply under your particular Partner Agreement.

Who is the Program for?

Digital Agencies

Ecommerce Agencies

Software development

Shopify Apps or Agencies

Marketing Influencers

Saas companies