Introducing Attribute Preview: Gain Instant Insights into Your Customer Data

In today’s data-driven world, having quick and easy access to accurate customer information can make or break your marketing strategy.

If you have access to preview the key attributes of your customer data, allowing you to make informed decisions on the fly.

With our new Attribute Preview Feature, you can do just that—streamlining your workflow, enhancing your insights, and boosting your campaign effectiveness like never before.

As a marketer, have you ever wondered:

  • What values do we have for locality or city?
  • What values do we have for original source?
  • Same for other custom attributes
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We’ve added a very simple way to preview values you have in the data platform. Those values can have various sources:

  • user events and activity
  • orders & transactions
  • external API’s and data synchronization
  • manual updates

Vibetrace is powered by a strong Customer Data Platform and one of our strong points is a very scalable data platform.

You can use those values for:

The Solution:

Preview attribute values right inside user segmentation, along with the condition you set.

Preview values in the list of data attributes for the entire platform.

Clicking the button will display a modal with up to 200 values for that specific attribute:

This functionality allows you to save time to decide how what values to use when using our powerful user segmentation across any of the available channels.

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Use Case: Enhancing Segmentation Precision

A digital marketing manager at a mid-sized e-commerce company needs to create targeted segments for an upcoming email campaign. By using the Attribute Preview Feature, they can quickly preview the values of customer attributes such as purchase history, geographic location, and browsing behavior.

For instance, they notice that a significant portion of their customers who purchased winter clothing also browsed outdoor gear. With this insight, they create a segment of customers interested in both winter clothing and outdoor gear, ensuring their email campaign is precisely targeted to an audience more likely to engage and convert.

Use Case: Enhancing Personalization in Communication

A customer experience manager at a subscription-based service wants to personalize their monthly newsletters to increase customer engagement. Using the Attribute Preview Feature, they can swiftly check the latest values for attributes like subscription type, user preferences.

For example, they identify a group of premium subscribers who frequently engage with content related to newest items added.

By previewing these attributes, the manager can personalize the newsletter to highlight upcoming advanced features and exclusive tips, creating a more tailored and relevant communication that resonates with each customer.

What do you think?

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