Why second sale is so damn important

Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, once said:

We’ve done price elasticity studies, and the answer is always that we should raise prices. We don’t do that, because we believe […] that by keeping our prices very, very low, we earn trust with customers over time and that actually does maximize free cash flow over the long term.

The most successful ecommerce entrepreneur of our times says that less is more. How can that be? Continue reading “Why second sale is so damn important”

Must read links on Checkout Improvement [digest]

As you probably already know, checkout is the most sensible part of your purchase funnel. Also the tightest. We collected for you some great links on checkout improvement, so you’ll be able to widen the funnel of checkout conversion.

1. Why do people abandon checkouts?

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7 after conversion improvements for customer retention

So you got the purchase. Somehow you tricked the visitor into buying whatever you’re selling. (If you still struggle with that check this links digest on conversion optimization )

Are you giving a party for this? Hope not, because there is the post purchase optimization. And you have some work to do right now.

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Email Marketing is the Love potion for Valentine’s Day

If you are selling flowers, chocolate, gifts or love potion you are starting your best period of the year. Good luck!

Valentine’s Day tips as the kickoff for all years holidays. After the January pause, now marketing is under pressure to deliver results (aka sales). Email marketing is the best channel to do this, because it offers an acceptable and clear-cut venue for selling.

1. Use social media to increase campaign reach.

An established social media presence will smooth and enhance the path to direct communication. From there, your customers will be more tolerant to email pitches. Continue reading “Email Marketing is the Love potion for Valentine’s Day”

Ecommerce examples to follow [links digest]

In any industry there are some guys that are doing it right. Online shops making a fortune just because they do something at the best level: be it design, customer support, automation, marketing and so on. In this ecommerce links digest we’ll cover the best practices and advice you should follow:

Here are some examples of great ecommerce examples for you to read this weekend:

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Unbreakable resolutions for Ecommerce Email Marketing in 2014

There is no doubt email sells. Here are some UNBREAKABLE ecommerce email marketing resolutions for 2014. We’ve related in a previous post what you should do with your email marketing to convert better. This time YOU set your resolutions: [view infographic] Continue reading “Unbreakable resolutions for Ecommerce Email Marketing in 2014”

Best posts on ecommerce marketing & more [links digest]

As usual we have a weekly digest of links from all over the internet. This week, we want to cover best generic posts on ecommerce marketing and statistics. You’ll find things like best practices, trends, resolutions, infographics and a lot more.

  • 5 principles of Social Proof store owners should know [Shopify]

Reviews, scarcity, people faces… do you use them in your site content strategy?   Continue reading “Best posts on ecommerce marketing & more [links digest]”

Infographic – Resolutions for Email Marketing in ecommerce in 2014

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How to make Ecommerce Email Marketing in 2014 convert even better

Email Marketing is indubitably the best conversion marketing channel for ecommerce. Hopefully you are planning to improve it this year.

From an ecommerce expert point of view we believe that email marketing will become better. For both businesses (increased conversion rate) and also consumers (less spam and more valuable emails).

Best posts on conversion optimization [links digest]

Conversion rate optimization is the “must have” of 2014. Here are the resources our team put together for you to improve your ecommerce marketing

  • Learn How to create a higher-converting add-to-cart button, infographic [Volusion.com]
  • 5 techniques to run a successful conversion rate optimization programme [SmartInsights]
  • The advanced guide to conversion rate optimization PDF download [AWA-digital]
  • Removing social buttons increases conversion [visualwebsite]
  • Buzzworthy technique to increase conversion [rich-page]
  • Too positive reviews can hurt conversion rate [Unbounce]

Hope you have enough to read! Wish you great sales!

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