Cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is a major issue to any online retailer. About 67% of carts are left without a purchase confirmation.

What can you do to Combat Cart Abandonment?

  1. Optimize your checkout page to has as few steps as possible. Test your assumptions.
  2. Use Follow-up email extensions like the ones we provide
  3. Optimize Your Page Load Times
  4. Identify ‘Leaky’ Spots In Your Conversion Pathways
  5. Be Crystal-Clear About All Costs Upfront – Shipping time and duration
  6. Offer a Bulletproof Money-Back Guarantee (or Other Assurances)
  7. Offer Guest Checkout Options
  8. Use Remarketing to Target Abandoners (Facebook and Adwords offer this)
  9. Make Saving Carts Effortless (coming back will have the cart saved)
  10. Include a Strong Call to Action on Checkout Pages
  11. Offer Multiple Payment Options
  12. Make Navigation Between Cart and Store Effortless
  13. Include Thumbnail Images of Products Throughout the Purchasing Phase
  14. Include a Progress Indicator on Checkout Pages
  15. Establish and Build Trust in Your Transaction Forms