Top 10 Help Desk Apps for Shopify Merchants

Establishing your own ecommerce store in shopify might be a frustrating task.

You begin your journey as an online entrepreneur providing products for your potential customers but it’s more stressful not to be able to optimize your shopify store.

While Marketing Automation and Customer Database is a must have for your Shopify store, you also need Help Desk and Customer support software.

And this include with proper customer support application suitable for the kind of business you have.

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Having a help desk software available in your store  gives you the opportunity to provide faster customer service for the inquiries of your customers which can give them the best shopping experience with your store.

This way you can easily gain your customer’s trust.

117 results if you search in shopify apps for help desk.
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Customer support apps are incredibly beneficial for ecommerce businesses.

They allow customers to easily reach out to a company with any questions or concerns they may have, and they provide businesses with a streamlined way to manage and respond to customer inquiries.

This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can ultimately drive sales and growth for the business.

Additionally, customer support apps can provide valuable insights and data that can help businesses improve their products and services.

there are 1736 apps in shopify marketplace if you search for customer support

Overall, investing in a customer support app is a smart move for any ecommerce business looking to improve its customer service and drive growth.

There are more that 80 available Shopify service support applications in the marketplace which is time consuming to check one by one just to find the most suitable software for your Shopify store.

You might feel overwhelmed to see which may or may not work for you.

Nonetheless, the perfect fit for your shopify store shall provide  you a  high quality software application you can use to engage with your potential and existing customers.

Help desk softwares can help you improve customer shopping experience and satisfaction, boost sales, and attract customers so you need to be extra careful in choosing the best application for your store.

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Here are the Top and well-known Help Desk Softwares that are commonly used by most merchants in accordance with their features and ratings.

Customer Guru

Customer Guru helps you track segmented customer satisfaction through their survey tool.

With this app, you can manage your eCommerce store with Shopify POS which allows you to gather reviews and rating for your website to enhance your customer support

This is best for small companies or merchant stores who want to build a customer service around customer feedback survey tool which is good for new Shopify stores in building connections with customers.

Software Features:

Customer Guru Pricing:

  • Hobbyist Plan: Starts at $50 per month best for 1,000 customers per month with Single NPS survey
  • Small Business Plan: Starts at $150 per month best for 5,000 customers per month with 3 available  NPS surveys and  Custom from domain 
  • Advance Plan: 10,000 customers per month with Unlimited NPS surveys, Custom from domain, use own SMTP servers, priority support and data import concierge 
  • Enterprise Plan: Customizable plan for a large customer base

eDesk: Live Chat & AI Helpdesk

eDesk is one of the known leading e-Commerce help desks used by thousand major retailers worldwide which provide a positive customer satisfaction and experience around the globe through different channels such as emails, live chat, social media, and website. 

This is best for small and large businesses providing an “all in one place” customer support.

Software Features:

  • Multichannel messages  in one place
  • Team collaboration and expertise sharing can be made easy and fast if information and expertise are shared quickly and accurately.
  • Streamline operations without compromising service by automating routine tasks and translations.
  • Customize widgets available for your store theme
  • Auto-response feature  for busy weekends and holidays
  • Great feedback tool for customer reviews

eDesk Pricing:

  • Ticker Based Pricing:
    • Essential Plan: Starts at $59 per account per month with upto 300 tickets billed annually
    • Growth Plan: Starts at $199 per account per month with upto 1000 tickets billed annually
    • Scale Plan: Starts at $249 per account per month with upto 1500 tickets billed annually
  • Agent Based Pricing:
    • Team Plan: Starts at $69 per agent per month with 3 minimum seats available billed annually
    • Pro Plan: Starts at $89 per agent per month with 3 minimum seats available billed annually
    • Enterprise Plan: Customizable cost monthly with 3 minimum seats available billed annually


Fresh Desk offers an easy and fast software for customer service with modern and powerful features best for online shopping store websites especially shopify.

Freshdesk is known to have a 24/7 customer support plan that provides efficient customer service through email, phone, chat, and other social media channels.

It is a good software to enhance agents’ productivity to engage in meaningful work.

This is best for small to medium businesses as well as Saas startups.

Software Features:

  • Modern interface for users
  • Provides an omnichannel support in different social media platforms
  • Includes automation tools for customer service productivity
  • Complete functionality on customization of portal, agent roles, ticket forms, URL, and others
  • Consists of modern and attractive templates
  • Includes chatbot, help widget, community forum, and  FAQs info.

Fresh Desk Pricing:

Freshdesk has a 21-day free trial with no credit card required.

  • Support Desk Pricing
    • Growth Plan: Starts at $15 per agent in a month which is billed annually
    • Pro Plan: Starts at $49 per agent in a month which is billed annually
    • Enterprise Plan: Starts at $79 per agent in a month which is billed annually 
  • Omnichannel Pricing
    • Growth Omnichannel Plan: Starts at $29 per agent in a month which is billed annually
    • Pro Omnichannel Plan: Starts at $59 per agent in a month which is billed annually
    • Enterprise Omnichannel Plan: Starts at $99 per agent in a month which is billed annually


Gorgias – Live Chat and Help Desk is a customer service software designed for ecommerce stores that are integrated with Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Woocommerce.

It is known as a user-friendly customer support software that is easy to understand where you can see order details for customers on the ticket portal with a tool that can be used efficiently.

This can be used for both small and large businesses but might sound like a bit expensive for new business and startups. Nonetheless, Ecommerce merchants who are ready to provide all in customer support efforts can use this as a best fit for the business.

Software Features:

  • Deep integration with Shopify enables the right customer data into the dashboard.
  • Customization of tags for conversations
  • Integrates channel to provide support query in email, other social media platform
  • Highly customized automated replies for frequently asked questions
  • Includes intent-detection for a easier customer support service

Gorgias Pricing:

Freshdesk has a 21-day free trial.

  • Basic plan: starts at $60/month with 350 monthly tickets and $25 for each 100 additional tickets. 
  • Pro plan:  starts at $300/month with 2000 monthly tickets and $23 for each 100 additional tickets. 
  • Advanced plan: starts at $750/month with 6000 monthly tickets and $14 for each 100 additional tickets. 
  • Custom plan: A customized plan can be arranged upon request. Tawk is a really simple and an easy customer chat or support management system.

It allows easy customized integration to shopify. It will help you to monitor all sales teams with all current live chat sessions and closed chat sessions. Also, it  can help you to manage tickets.

For the initial setup with the Tawk, it will allow you to have a free plan. It has a simple widget which can be placed anywhere on a website. 

This is best for starting or new business to provide a good start of customer service

Software Features:

  • Easy delivery of personalize and real time customer service
  • Monitor traffic website 
  • Includes amazing tools like LiveCHat, TIcketing, video, voice add ons and more.
  • Fast tagging and assignment of sales members to respond to customer concerns. Pricing: LiveChat is FREE with one feature pack version for everyone.


Reamaze is one of the most advanced helpdesk systems. It combines itself with email, Live chat, Video Call, Social Media, SMS, Push Notifications to manage all conversations with business and clients.

Reamaze helps you provide a seamless customer experience.

It also has features of automated messaging based on machine learning(Natural Language Processing) which help to stay active with your customers.

This is best for SMBs and Enterprises who want to provide real time customer service.

Software Features:

  • Includes multi-channel configuration with deep integration to other applications.
  • Shared inbox for sales team members
  • LiveChat with automated responses that can be customized
  • Live monitoring on customers activity
  • Includes Status Page to provide information to customers

Reamaze Pricing:

Reamaze has a FREE TRIAL can be used before choosing your own plan

  • Basic Plan: Starts at $29 per sales member per month
  • Pro Plan:  Starts at $ 49 per sales member per month
  • Plus Plan:  Starts at $69 per sales member per month
  • Customizable plan for enterprises billed upon request

Richpanel Customer Support  

RichPanel was designed for the Ecommerce business.

According to RichPanel, their main goal is to give ecommerce businesses the same experience like other well-known e commerce sites to provide customers the best  support experience.

RichPanel helps your customer to resolve issues automatically 24/7. 

This is best for medium to large businesses who want to make proper customer service efforts

Software Features:

  • Manage customer messages from email, chat, facebook, instagram, whatsapp and others
  • Single customer view feature
  • Available survey to measure customer satisfaction
  • Upgraded live chat experience to see orders, track packages and browse FAQs
  • Automated messages that supports multiple languages

RichPanel Pricing:

  • Monthly Plan: Starts at $50 to $500 per month 
  • Annual Plan: Starts at $500 – $5000 per year with  two months free


Tidio offers live chat and chat bot, Tidio service can be integrated instantly.

ChatBot has amazing features which can help you provide productive customer service even with few sales teams. Chatbot systems are fully codeless and come up with some auto response templates which help you to integrate to the system faster. 

This is best for small to large businesses since Tidio has integrations with most top business softwares that can be used in daily work flow.

Software Features:

  • Live Chat to contact potential customers
  • Automated chat box with chatbot builder
  • Visitor list live preview
  • Integration of inbox through email, instagram, and facebook
  • Includes multichannel tools

Tidio Pricing:

Tidio Provides Free use of software.

  • Monthly Pricing:
    • Starter Plan: Starts at $39 per month
    • Team Plan: Starts at $79 per month
    • Scales Plan: Starts at $399 per month
  • Annual Pricing
    • Starter Plan: Starts at $32.50 per month billed annually
    • Team Plan: Starts at $65.83 per month billed annually
    • Scale Plan: Starts at $332.50 per month billed annually


UVdesk is a cloud based Ticket management tool which offers to raise a query to inform of the ticket and that query requires to be managed by a customer agent. So, the Customer can track the detailed resolution report of their concern. It provides the best help desk system where clients can communicate easily.

This is best for medium to large businesses but still can be used by small businesses who wnat to start with proper customer efforts.

Software Features:

  • Integrated to multiple marketplaces to provide valuable customer support
  • Faster and easier communication between ecomm store and customer
  • Customizable website front office form
  • With multiple email service providers with one platform to provide all around support including gmail, yahoo mail, hot mail, etc.

UVdesk Pricing:

UVdesk has a free trial for help desk 

  • Pro Plan: Starts at $22 with 2 minimum agents per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Starts at $72 with 2 minimum agents per month


Zendesk is one of the most popular and trusted support desk software. It supports conversation across all channels you prefer to use to communicate with your customers.  It manages the workflow and can manage high productivity of your team. 

This is best for medium to large ecom stores that provides generic brands.

Software Features:

  • Easy software use for customer support with several included products such as support, guide, cht, talk, sell, explore, and others
  • Includes omnichannel support and customization of agent roles
  • Track customer information and interactions
  • Reports on metrics and data analysis
  • Over 60 different languages are supported

Zendesk Pricing:

  • Plans for Everyone
    • Suite Team Plan : starts at $49 per agent/month billed annually with a free trial.
    • Suite Growth Plan: starts at $79 per agent/month billed annually with a free trial.
    • Suite Professional Plan: starts at $99 per agent/month billed annually with a free trial.
  • Plans for Enterprises
    • Suite Enterprise Plan: starts at $150 per agent/month billed annually with a free trial.
    • Customized Plan: Billed upon request with additional enterprise ready plans from $215 per agent/ month billed annually

This is our top 10 list for help desk and customer support software.

Shopify allows anyone to create apps for their ecommerce stores. If you are a developer, you can have a look here:

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