So, you look how to send automatic emails to your customers, right? Like when a user leaves a cart, abandons a purchase, bounces from a visit and so on.

Types of automatic emails

While marketing automation is much more than sending automated emails based on user behaviour, let’s see how emails can be sent simply based on user behaviour. Taking care of automating your marketing campaigns will save you time and give you better ROI for your expenses. Also, by adding personalization to your content will bring more benefits and make your clients happier.

Emailing automation examples:

  • send at a later time after or before a certain event happens;
  • recurring campaigns, which are sent automatically at a certain time;
  • behavioral emails sent based on customer actions (or non actions);

1.Send email after a certain period based on an event

Your online store needs automatically triggered emails, so you can reach customers after they abandon your shopping cart, or leave a form without submitting it.

2.Recurring campaigns

There are some situations when you need emails to be sent repetitively. For example:
  • Birthdays greetings (sent daily)
  • Expiring products/services (insurance), which are also sent daily
  • Weekly or monthly newsletter (when you announce new items you brought to store)
  • Every three hours deals;
  • Send daily reminders for yesterday visits without a purchase;

3. Behavioural emails

Also called automation workflows or drip campaigns, those are very useful to create scenarios for people visiting your website without completing the goals.   What kind of automatic emails are you sending? Any tips you want to share?