White Label alternative to Moengage for Ecommerce

Ecommerce companies are always looking for new ways to increase customer engagement, retention, and conversion rates.

MoEngage is a popular customer engagement platform (CEP) that can assist businesses in meeting these objectives. MoEngage, on the other hand, can be costly and difficult to use, especially for agencies.

Vibetrace is a white-label CEP that is less expensive and easier to use.

Its advanced targeting and personalization capabilities can assist ecommerce businesses in developing highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that drive sales and improve customer satisfaction.

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Overview of the Moengage:

MoEngage is a platform for customer engagement for marketers and business owners. They are AI-powered, allowing you to optimize campaigns, reach out to customers, and increase your ROI.

Moengage’s no-code builder enables you to personalize your customers’ journeys to create an enjoyable experience for them. Easily segment and personalize your customers based on their preferences, interests, and behaviors.

Moengage enables you to connect with your customers across multiple channels, resulting in increased engagement and sales.

Challenges with Moengage for Ecommerce

MoEngage is known for being a powerful customer engagement platform (CEP) with a wide range of features and benefits. However, just like any other platforms, it also has some potential challenges that ecommerce users may face when using it in terms of the following:

User Interface Usability: Some users have noticed the need for further improvements in the intuitiveness of the user interface, implying that improvements could streamline the onboarding process and campaign setup for new users.

Reporting and Analytics Enhancements: Some users have expressed a desire for additional features and customization options in Moengage’s reporting and analytics capabilities to help them derive meaningful insights from campaign performance.

Integration Process Optimization: According to feedback, optimizing integration processes with specific third-party tools and platforms may contribute to a smoother data flow within users’ overall technological infrastructure.

Moengage White Label Alternative

MoEngage has successfully established its presence in the market, serving a global user base. As a robust customer engagement platform, it excels in AI-powered segmentation, real-time analytics, and predictive analytics. Despite its powerful features, some users, particularly beginners, find it challenging to navigate.

From what we’ve been looking for Moengage does not offer a white label solution. Compared to Vibetrace, which also offers dedicated cloud or on-premise instances.

On the other hand, Vibetrace markets itself as a more user-friendly alternative with advanced targeting and personalization capabilities. Notably, it offers white-labeling options, allowing users to rebrand the platform as their own.

White Label Feature Comparison

Both MoEngage and Vibetrace are customer engagement platforms (CEPs) that assist businesses in improving customer engagement, retention, and conversion rates.

But of course, the two platforms have significant differences providing valuable distinctions for existing and potential users to consider when making a choice.


One of MoEngage’s best features is the AI-powered segmentation engine. This engine can segment the audience automatically based on demographics, behavior, and preferences.

This simplifies the creation of highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. Vibetrace’s AI-powered segmentation engine, on the other hand, is far more powerful.

Not only it can segment the audience automatically based on demographics, behaviour, and preferences, but also based on interactions with the user’s brand across multiple channels. This makes creating highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns even easier.


Moengage offers a big variety of communication channels, similar to Vibetrace. From email campaigns, SMS marketing, in-app messaging, Digital Adverstising as well as Whatsapp and on-site.


Another area where Vibetrace can compete with MoEngage is in usability. Vibetrace’s user interface makes it simple to create and manage marketing campaigns. MoEngage, on the other hand, has a more complicated interface that can be difficult for beginners to navigate.

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This makes Vibetrace a better choice for companies looking for a simple CEP that can help them improve customer engagement, retention, and conversion rates.

Overall, Vibetrace is a powerful and user-friendly CEP that can compete side by side with MoEngage. Vibetrace is an excellent choice for a white-label CEP with advanced targeting and personalization capabilities and competitive pricing.

Moengage Pricing and Plans

Moengage does not publish it’s pricing, but based on our research it starts at $999 (source cloudfindr.co).

You can also check how Vibetrace compares as white label to Mailchimp or Iterable.


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