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Profitable Email Marketing Techniques by Rory Flynn

As a young email marketer, Rory Flynn, an email marketing expert, has mentioned that he describes himself as an idiot, shortsighted and naive person during his early days of learning about email marketing.

Where he used to simply check boxes to follow these three things:

  • Build a welcome flow
  • Send 2 campaigns a week
  • Send to the 180-Day Engaged Segment”

He thought maybe sending more emails is enough till he realized that he is already doing the wrong things.

Nonetheles, just like any of us who are striving to learn more we do mistakes in the beginning but it would be wise as well to learn things from people who have experience more so you can see what may work for you and your business. 

Here are 12 profitable email marketing lessons that you can learn according to his post:

  1. Don’t Sell Your Offer at Every Stage

If your subscribers unsubscribe before you have the chance to build a relationship with them, it is bad for your business. To prevent this, utilize the subject and preview lines to entice your recipients to open the email, use the email content to encourage them to click, and use the landing page to sell your product.

  1. Keep Your Subject Lines Right

Subject lines are significantly more crucial than the content of the email. If your recipients do not open the email, the contents are irrelevant.

To create effective subject lines, consider using questions, highlighting a benefit, creating a list, or referencing a well-known person or brand. The subject line you use should pique the interest of your subscriber and increase the likelihood of them opening the email.

  1. Build Impressive Opt-Ins

Each individual who subscribes to your newsletter is a potential customer who has shown interest by opting in. Continuously conduct A/B testing on your opt-in offer and form to achieve a high opt-in rate, as it is valuable for your business.

  1. Follow the Proper Welcome Flow

Ensure you have a well-structured and consistent welcome email sequence. For those who opt-in, send a series of 7 to 8 welcome emails. Offer them an incentive, present multiple offers, and include persuasive and social proof elements. This will help you strengthen the relationship with your new subscribers.

  1. Browse Abandon Flow

For those who take action but do not complete a purchase, send a series of 3 to 4 cart and browse-abandonment emails.

Use persuasion, and social proof, and offer improved deals to encourage them to complete the transaction. Emphasize a sense of urgency by indicating that the items in their cart may expire, leading them to reconsider and make the purchase.

  1.  Make a Post Purchase Flow

After a purchase has been made, send a series of 2 to 3 follow-up emails to the customer. These individuals are the easiest to sell to, as they have already demonstrated trust in your brand. Offer complementary product suggestions or a coupon to encourage repeat orders.

  1. Create a System that Segments

Create systems that segment them automatically, then market to them differently. In fact, the most crucial segments in your customer base are those who:

  • Subscribed and engaged with your brand in the last 30 days
  • Purchased and engaged with your brand in the last 30 days
  • Made a single purchase
  • Made multiple purchases

Establish automated systems to categorize these segments and tailor your marketing approach accordingly to effectively reach each group.

  1. Use A/B Testing 

A/B testing has a significant return on investment when applied to email flows. However, its ROI is lower when used for campaign emails.

If desired, perform A/B testing on both, but prioritize optimizing your evergreen messages over one-time promotional messages.

  1. Avoid Getting Into your Recipient’s Spam Folder

There are no shortcuts or “hacks” for avoiding spam folders that are truly effective. The most reliable way to achieve this is to send a valuable newsletter that does not excessively promote your products. Treat your subscribers with respect, and they will not mark your emails as spam.

  1. Promote Value on Your Emails

Avoid selling in every email and instead, include a mix of brand updates, educational content, and customer success stories to keep your content fresh and maintain your subscribers’ engagement.

  1. Write Emails backward

A technique that can be more effective than traditional email writing is to write backward. Start by defining the call-to-action, then compose the body, followed by the headline, subject, and preview. This method may be easier and can result in equal or better outcomes.

  1. Learn More by Experience

Practical experience and experimentation are the best instructors in email marketing. While guides and resources can provide useful information, they are not enough to make you an expert.

To excel in this field, send more emails, conduct more tests, and persistently apply the knowledge gained until it becomes second nature.


Maximize Your Email Marketing Efforts by Christopher Maroney-Petitt

Email marketing is an effective way to reach and engage with your target audience. A post by Christopher Maroney-Petitt, Co-Founder of Ecomgrowers, discussed three important aspects of email marketing that can help you achieve maximum results on your email marketing.

  1. Read Your Copy Out Loud

When composing your email copy, it is important to make sure that it is easy to understand and sounds like it was written by a human. To ensure this, you should read your copy out loud several times. This way, you can spot any awkward phrasing or confusing language and make the necessary changes.

  1. Segment Your Subscriber List

Segmenting your subscriber list is an important aspect of email marketing. By doing so, you can target specific groups of people with tailored messages that are relevant to their interests and needs.

A good starting point is to segment your list into those who have been engaged with your emails in the past 120 days.

This is broad enough to reach a large audience, yet targeted enough to maintain high email deliverability rates. From there, you can sub-segment based on clicks, orders, and other data.

  1. Build Anticipation and Hype

Building anticipation and hype around a new launch or sale can greatly increase your revenue.

To do this, let your subscribers know about the upcoming event, create an early access list, and tease the features and benefits. Once you launch, follow up with several emails to drive sales and engagement.

This approach can result in 2 to 5 times more revenue compared to a traditional launch.

In conclusion, reading your copy out loud, segmenting your subscriber list, and building anticipation and hype are three important aspects of email marketing that can help you maximize your efforts and achieve better results.


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19 Email Marketing Tips to Earn More by Philip R.

“I’ve made over $100 million for my clients with email marketing.” Philip R., an email marketer, has stated in his post about the 19 one-sentence tips that’ll help you earn more with email.

Here are the tips mentioned in his post to help your business grow more in revenue:

  1. Use a Friendly Sending Address

 Choose a sending address that sounds friendly, like a name or “hello,” instead of a no-reply address to increase open rates.

  1. Avoid Spammy Subject Lines 

Don’t use practices like ALL CAPS or excessive symbols in your subject lines as these can trigger spam filters.

  1. Match Subject Line and Preview Text  

Ensure that your subject line and preview text match, like you, would match a sales page headline to the subheading.

  1. Spend Time on the Subject and Preview 

Take the time to create an effective subject line and preview text as they are key to generating interest and getting people to read the body of the email.

  1. Automate Flows 

Set up automated flows for new subscribers, cart abandoners, and customers who have recently purchased.

  1. Browse-Abandon Flow 

Consider creating a flow for customers who have stopped browsing your store before purchasing.

  1. Length of Flows 

 Make your welcome flow 7-8 messages long and other flows 3-4 messages long.

  1. Value-Extract Model 

Treat your email list like a bank account, deliver value to build it up, and then make occasional sales to extract value.

  1. Email Design  

Design your emails to match your brand, with some brands opting for plain text and others need a more sophisticated design.

  1. Lead Generation Offer Matters  

The lead generation offer is 10 times more important than the lead generation copy, so prioritize testing the offer first.

  1. Writing Emails Backward  

Try writing emails by starting with the CTA and working your way backward to the subject and preview.

  1. Unique and Actionable CTA

 Make the CTA button unique and actionable, such as “Get Your Discount Before Time Runs Out” instead of “Shop Now.”

  1. Collect Customer Names  

Consider collecting customer names on your lead gen form to personalize emails and increase open and click-through rates.

  1. Segment Your List 

Segment your email list based on subscriber interest, such as recent subscribers, those who have never purchased, and those who have made multiple purchases.

  1. Mobile Optimization 

Approximately half of your subscribers will open your emails on their phones, so make sure every message is mobile-optimized.

  1. A/B Test Send Time 

Test the best time of day to send emails and stick to that schedule to improve open rates.

  1. A/B Test Flows 

Focus your A/B testing on flows as they have a long-term impact on ROI.

  1. Email Formatting 

Use bulleted lists, numbered lists, line breaks, and bolded section titles to make emails easy to read.

  1. Take Action 

Get hands-on experience by sending emails and testing rather than reading another list of tips to improve your skills.


Email Sequences You Can Implement for Your Campaign by Prem Kumar

Email marketing, the earliest form of digital marketing, remains highly effective and continues to be used for its effectiveness. The goal of email marketing is to get the recipient to open the email and engage with its content. 

To help achieve this, Prem Kumar, Director of Jeru India, listed successful email sequences that have proven to increase the chances of emails being opened.

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Welcome Sequence

Email 1: Your [type of] success starts here…

Email 2: Here’s something that might surprise you…

Email 3: Here’s how to [get good results]…

Email 4: You might get mad when you read this…

Email 5:You have questions? We have answers

Gain-Logic-Fear Sequence

Email 1:Here’s how to [get a benefit]

Email 2: Does this make any sense to you?

Email 3: It’s scary though…

Email 4: The results are in…

Email 5: Don’t miss out!

A segmentation sequence

Email 1:You don’t want to miss this…

Email 2: Could you do me a quick favor, please?

Email 3: Which of these problems do you have?

Email 4: Attention [type of niche. members]…

Email 5: What is your most pressing problem?

A Re-engagement sequence

Email 1: It’s been a long time, [name]

Email 2: This is your last chance…

Email 3: [Get some benefit] and a big discount tea.

Email 4: Attention [type of niche members]

Email 5: This is a bribe…


5 Email Design Secrets by Chase Dimond

Email design can make or break your email marketing campaign. Good design adds a visual element to your marketing message and inspires your customers to take action.

On the other hand, poor design can do more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to work with a specialized email designer who knows how to create emails that direct your audience to the right place with just a quick scan.

In a post by Chase Dimond, a top e-commerce email marketer shared 5 email design secrets that have helped them achieve $150M in email revenue for their clients.

These tips are based on the expertise of his team of highly-skilled and experienced email designers.

Tip #1: Understanding ATF and BTF

ATF and BTF stand for Above the Fold and Below the Fold. The “fold” in this context refers to the first scroll on your computer or phone screen. You should aim to fit a header, subheader, and call-to-action above the fold, and provide more information below the fold to help handle objections. This includes social proof, product benefits, and recommendations for those who need more information before making a purchase.

Tip #2: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words (and More Dollars)

The images you use in your emails should be carefully selected. They should hint at the benefits that your customers will receive from ordering your product.

For example, a clothing brand could use an image of a model exercising in their clothing to inspire the audience and show how the product looks in use.

Tip #3: Optimize for Mobile

81% of users prefer to view and open emails on their phones. To optimize for mobile, make sure your emails have a “long and skinny” look and are designed with the dark mode in mind. Avoid dark text on a dark background, and adjust the background color to not revert to the default.

Tip #4: Whitespace is Crucial

Less is more when it comes to email design. Newer marketers tend to stuff as much information as possible into their emails, but this does more harm than good. Instead, use whitespace to create a clean and professional look. The goal of an email is to drive traffic to the sales page, so don’t overload your subscribers with information.

Tip #5: Test and Refine

Finally, make sure to test and refine your email designs.

A/B testing can help you determine which designs work best and help you make informed decisions about future designs. Make sure to track your results, and continuously refine your designs based on the data you gather.

Make sure you have read our checklist for sending a newsletter.

By following these 5 email design secrets, you can increase your email revenue and take your email marketing to the next level.


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