Agencies Updates: lower prices and new pricing setting for customers

This is a product and business update for partner agencies: we have lowered the platform pricing and moved email costs separated.

This way we provide better cost management and more transparency.

Product updates for agencies.

Set pricing levels for emails sent during a month.


  • Client has 34.000 active users and sent 120.000 emails. If your value is set to 2 then the email exceedings equals 120.000 – (34.000 * 2) = 52.000 emails
  • Same client. If you set value to 20.000 then exceedings represent 120.000 – 20.000 = 100.000 emails

Then those exceedings will be calculated according to your email pricing rules:

  • For 52.000 emails client will pay 52 (currency)
    • First plan level: 52.000/10.000 * 10
  • For 100.000 emails client will pay 75 (currency)
    • Second plan level: 100.000 / 100.000 * 75

Preauthorize card

You now have the option for your agency to ask customers to preauthorize cards during their account setup.

The following section is available under your Invoicing settings. It works with the Payment processor we are using (Braintree). You have 3 options:

  • No: the card authorization step is not added on client setup process
  • Yes, just add it: card authorization step is added as optional step
  • Yes, make it mandatory: card authorization step is added as mandatory step.

Add card authorization step for new customers? You must have Braintree payments enabled for the company!

Easy configuration for Magento and Shopify

Shopify and Magento customers will get Webpush notifications configured automatically (no need to manually copy files to the servers).

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