Revenue from New Visitors

“Revenue from new visitors” is a critical metric that enables businesses to understand the financial impact of their new customer acquisition efforts. 

To gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing channels and identify opportunities for growth, try tracking revenue for new visitors metric alongside other relevant metrics.

As most of you know, future marketing strategies and marketing optimizations are a real challenge for most businesses.

What’s important regarding revenue from new visitors:

  • how much revenue are new visitors generating
  • how this compares with revenue from existing customers
  • what’s the percentage from the total revenue
  • what channels are driving biggest revenue (for new visitors)

Therefore, it is essential for you to monitor and understand the Revenue from New Visitors metric closely to optimize customer acquisition efforts and maximize revenue. Do this whether you are just starting or you are still looking for ways to improve your business.

What is Revenue from New Visitors?

Definition of Revenue from New Visitors

Revenue from New Visitors is a metric that measures the revenue generated from new visitors coming to a website or e-commerce business.

This metric is important for any business because it allows an understanding of the effectiveness of its marketing efforts in acquiring new customers to purchase and trust your offerings.

So, if you are looking for a metric that shows valuable insights into the performance of your marketing campaigns and the effectiveness of your website in converting new visitors into paying customers, tracking revenue from new visitors is a good option.

Revenue from New Visitors Formula

The formula to calculate Revenue from New Visitors

To calculate this metric, you first need to calculate the total revenue generated during a specific period of time, which can be done by adding up all the revenue earned from sales, subscriptions, or other streams of your revenue.

Next, you need to calculate the revenue generated by returning visitors, which are visitors who have previously visited your website and made a purchase or engaged in a monetization activity. 

This can be done by identifying the unique user IDs or IP addresses of returning visitors and summing up the revenue earned from those visitors during the same time period.

Finally, subtract the revenue from returning visitors from the total revenue to obtain the revenue generated by new visitors during the specified time period.

Additionally, If you want to have the percentage of your revenue from new visitors, simply follow this formula:

Revenue from new visitors / Total revenue from all visitors

It’s worth noting that calculating this metric accurately can be complex and may require advanced tracking and analytics tools.


Total RevenueRevenue from existing customersRevenue from new customers%
Example of revenue from new vs returning customers

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How to track Revenue from New Visitors?

There are several tools that can help you track Revenue from New Visitors on your website. Here are a few options:

Google Analytics: This is a free web analytics tool that gives comprehensive information on website traffic and user behavior. You can use Google Analytics to track the revenue generated by new visitors and evaluate their behavior on your site by setting up goals and tracking events.

Hotjar: This is a tool for tracking how users interact with your website, such as how they navigate, click, and scroll. Hotjar can be used to identify portions of your website that are causing difficulty for new users and to optimize the user experience in order to increase conversions.

Mixpanel: This is a complex analytics tool that offers in-depth insights into user activity and interaction. Mixpanel lets you measure user behavior across different devices and platforms, as well as categorize users based on characteristics such as new vs. returning visitors.

There are many other tools available, and the right one for you will depend on your specific needs and budget.

It’s important to choose a tool that can accurately track Revenue from New Visitors and provide actionable insights that can inform your marketing and optimization strategies.

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How often should you check Revenue from New Visitors?

The frequency at which you check Revenue from New Visitors will depend on the goals of your business and the amount of traffic your website receives.

In general, it’s a good idea to check this metric regularly to monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns and website optimizations. Although you may also consider tracking base on your business traffic. Usually Revenue from New Visitors is being tracked every month, in order to also match the accounting needs.

Monthly: If your business has average traffic volumes, it is sufficient to check Revenue from New Visitors on a monthly basis.

Weekly: Do check this metric weekly if you implement new campaign strategies or you try to acquire new visitors from different sources. This way you can be a step further and not wait for the month to pass to detect important loss (For example)

To sum it up, the frequency of checking Revenue from New Visitors will depend on the goals of your business and the level of insight required to make informed decisions. It’s important to strike a balance between monitoring the metric regularly and not becoming overwhelmed by data.

Revenue from New Visitors Calculator

Do you want to calculate your revenue from new visitors? Use our simple calculator below.

Simple Revenue from New Visitors Calculator

Total Revenue:

Revenue from New Visitors:

Revenue from New Visitors

= ?

Important Things about Revenue from New Visitors

Here are a few important things to keep in mind about Revenue from New Visitors:

Measures effectiveness of marketing campaigns: Revenue from New Visitors can assist you in understanding the effectiveness of your marketing efforts in acquiring and converting new consumers. You can see which marketing channels and campaigns are generating the most money from new visitors by analyzing this indicator over time.

Identify website optimization opportunities: If you notice that Revenue from New users is lower than Revenue from Returning Visitors, it could mean that there are chances to improve the user experience for new users. You can improve the conversion rate for new visitors by studying user behavior and finding parts of the site that are causing friction.

Provide insights into customer lifetime value: You may measure the long-term worth of recruiting new customers by measuring the revenue generated by new visitors and comparing it to the lifetime value of the customer. This can help you improve your marketing strategies and help you allocate resources more effectively.

Measure the impact of changes to your website: When you make changes to your website, such as upgrading the design or adding new features, you may monitor the impact on Revenue from New Visitors to see whether the changes have a favorable or negative effect on conversion rate.

Analyzed in conjunction with other metrics: Revenue from New Visitors is only a single indicator that can help you understand how your website and marketing initiatives are performing. This measure should be analyzed with other metrics like as conversion rate, bounce rate, and average order value to gain a thorough knowledge of visitor behavior and website performance.

Metrics related to Revenue from New Visitors

There are several metrics related to Revenue from New Visitors that can provide additional insights into the performance of your website and marketing efforts. Here are a few examples:

Now that you understand the value of tracking your Revenue from New Visitors, your challenge is to make them your customer.

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