November updates

November 24, 2017 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Added Survey campaigns

Just in time to ask your customers what they did for BlackFriday.

We had poll campaigns for a year, but if you wanted to share a poll on Facebook or to link it from email you couldn’t.

Now it’s possible to share survey campaigns, because you have a public URL for each survey.

And they look like below:

New question types

We’ve added 2 new question types, along with the 5 existing ones: input (short and long), one or multiple options to select from and also NPS.

  • toggle (Yes/No or True/False or whatever you want)

  • mood state (smiley faces)

Personalized custom subdomain

All public links can be easily customized with your own domain:

What public links exists:

  • surveys links
  • subscribe and unsubscribe links
  • new things will come in the following months

How to set personalized links

Email notifications for polls and surveys

Poll and survey campaigns allow you to receive answers automatically right after you receive a new answer.

Each campaign can have this option enabled, as it is below:

Newsletter process email notifications

Right after a newsletter is processed, you can be notified by email. Activate the option under: Account->Profile

Read about newsletter processing email report

Ecommerce modules update

We’ve updated all our integration modules to send customer firstname, lastname, county and city along with the order.

We have Magento / Prestashop / Woocommerce / Opencart ready to be used. Many other will follow.


July updates: Scenarios

July 26, 2017 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Coming up after a huge June update, this month we’ve invested our resources into making life easier for new and existing clients. So here are Scenarios, pre-made campaigns ready to start in no time.

Each Scenario is like a recipe for success. We’ve taken most common campaigns from all clients and made them very simple to set up and start.

List of scenarios

Vibetrace is a dedicated marketing automation solution for ecommerce, so we decided to put automation before our daily tasks. And one of the hurdles of working with us was setting things up.

Now we hope the first step was done and you get 23 scenarios you can start in less than an hour. So it’s a 3 minute/scenario.

Here are some of the 23 scenarios ready to start.

We’ve currently grouped them by the channel used to reach the customer:

Scenario form

Each scenario has a dedicated page where you can easily change texts, colors, style or translate the template. You can include vouchers automatically, and product recommendations will auto-fill the content.


Try scenarios now. We will continue to add scenarios to the list, as we expect them to be much easier to use than to create each campaign separately.

June Updates: 2200 work hours into new statistics

June 27, 2017 - Reading time: 3 minutes

We’ve completely rewritten all code behind statistics/reporting and the interface that displays those in your admin panel. The decision was taken after looking at the old system that made it hard to create new reports in real time.

Looking at the Time Report we have with our developer team, it was a total of 2200 hours, including coding, testing and some more needed tasks for more than 15 smart engineers

For you as a client, (or future client if you don’t already have an account) there will be only a small difference on how things look like:

Campaign Reports

All campaigns looks very similar, only the events are different:

  • email reports show you how many were Sent, Opened and Clicked
  • onsite campaigns display their Impressions, Clicks and Submit (for forms) events.
  • Push campaigns are being Delivered and Clicked.

Newsletter campaigns also get extra information on processing the emails:

Emailing Activity

Sending emails bring you more profits, so now you know what happens in a simple overview available under Reports section.

emailing activity chart

Emailing Activity: Send, Open and Click events

Ecommerce Report

Now you have both assisted carts and conversions, on a daily basis.

Catalog Report Catalog report is new and shows data related to items/categories and specific events from your shop. Here is just a preview: Having the new engine behind the reporting system allows us to build any display any other metric. While some more are on the list to be built over the next months, you’re more than welcome to send us your suggestions.

May Product Updates

May 23, 2017 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Every month we send an update with improvements for our product. This month is no different.

Segment evolution

View how a segment evolved over time. System computes the count for these segments every day and displays the result in the evolution tab.

Push Actions segmentation

4 new events are available for users segmentation, related to push notifications: send , display , click and close . Use these events to create new smart segmentations for your campaigns.

Beautiful Funnel Charts

Because ecommerce it’s most about funnels (sales funnel, conversion funnel, goal funnel) we’ve improved our charts with a much better visual. Let us know what you think.


Extra improvements

  • Simplify campaign creation editor by removing ” Sending ” step where you can change UTM params for the campaign. Now you can do this in the Content step.
  • Changed Action Buttons to green and simplified the status of a campaign (so you have a better view of it’s current status when editing it)
  The newsletter is available here:

April product updates

April 28, 2017 - Reading time: 2 minutes

We’ve worked hard again for the entire month of April to give you the following updates:

Ecommerce Push Notifications

Recover carts with push notifications. Retarget list visitors. This in really unique on the market, so start using it as soon as possible!

Will write a full article on this as soon as possible.


SignUp form on Facebook pages

We’ve started to increase our footprint outside the website last month with push notifications. This month we’ve added another feature: to increase list size and collect more emails directly on your Faceobok page. Transactional PUSH Notifications Recover carts with push notifications. Retarget list visitors. This in really unique on the market, so start using it as soon as possible!

New Real-Time Reporting system!

This is not yet implemented all over the dashboard, but will soon be. We’ve rebuilt our reporting system with over 1200 work hours for the entire dev team. Thanks to our CTO, Adar, we’re now able to count anything.

Some other stuff

  • Our statistics are under improvement for the next period. You might see some discrepancies between data until we manage to move everything to the new system.
  • You’ll start getting notifications when you run out of vouchers. You’ll get up to 5 emails, when there are 100, 50, 25, 10, 5 vouchers left.

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