Mailchimp Pricing – How much it costs in 2023?

What Is MailChimp Pricing And How Much Does It Cost?

Mailchimp is one of the well-known marketing automation platforms that can help you earn revenue with a few clicks from emails. 

Mailchimp Pricing consists of different plans depending on the number of contacts for your business needs and the number of transaction emails designed for developers. 

In fact, Mailchimp offers a free 30 days of use with a maximum of 500 contacts for emails, which can give you access to prebuilt email templates, and various integrations. Reports and analytics, and even a creative assistant for your email designs.

What you can do with Mailchimp:

Mailchimp has several features that will help you with your business such as

  • Ability to run Email Automations to customers properly through SMS and Emails
  • Access to optimization of AI for suggestions to a more creative and engaging content 
  • Access to prebuilt email templates
  • Access to reports and email analytics 
  • Connect using more segmentation tools to reach your desired costumers

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How Mailchimp Pricing Works?

Mailchimp charges by the number of contacts, as they describe. Although they have 3 kinds of plans, namely Premium, Standard, and Essentials.

The premium plan has the most advanced tools with unlimited contacts, the standard plan is best for enhanced automation but has no advanced segmentation tools, and lastly, the essentials, which have limited features. 

In addition, they also have plans based on the number of transactional emails that help send emails to any email address on a verified domain that is charged for every block that consists of email credits.

If you have to use only  20,000 emails, you will need to buy 1 block with 25,000 email credits anyhow.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that every email counts and overages apply when you send emails more than their monthly limit. In other words, it doesn’t matter if your people read your emails or not, because you still have to pay for every sent email that is inactive.

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What is Mailchimp Pricing starting February 2023?

Mailchimp increased it’s prices 2 times in the last 1 year. So you need to be careful when using a solution that increases prices so often.

Or you should consider looking at Vibetrace pricing, which is based on usage, not number of contacts.

Mailchimp Pricing screenshot in 2023
Number of ContractsPremiumStandardEssentials

What was Mailchimp Pricing prior to 2023 increase?

Mailchimp Pricing screenshot in 2022
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Here’s how much it will cost to use Mailchimp depending on your list size:

Number of ContractsPremiumStandardEssentials

For contacts more than 250,000 requires you to connect with their customer service to give you a customized pricing,

Here’s a table for Mailcimp pricing based on transactional emails per block:

Total BlocksEmails Per MonthPer Block Price

Is Mailchimp worth this pricing?

This is what you get when you use Mailchimp Email & Marketing Automation.

Pricing may be expensive if you have a very big list, depending on the size of your list and the amount of money you wish to spend on email marketing. But also might be a good price, because email is still a channel with a huge ROI.

But what do you think about paying based on usage, so only pay for how many emails you send? That is charging based on active users rather than list size?

Vibetrace Marketing Automation allows you to pay based on active users. Please see the pricing page. You can also bring your own email service provider to further save costs.

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