Digital Assistant helped Claire’s build a seamless user experience, increase engagement and boost conversions.

A bit about Claire’s

Claire’s is a hugely popular international brand that offers on trend and quirky jewellery and accessories for young women, teens, tweens and kids.

With both branded and licensed products, from earrings to hair clips, phone cases to toys; Claire’s is an institution known nationwide through its presence on the high street and online.

With significant retail knowledge and proven experience in the industry, Digital Assistant was best-placed to help Claire’s take their onsite experience to the next level.

Every online retailer knows the difficulties of trying to deal with bounce rate and Claire’s was no exception. The brand wanted to tackle this bounce rate on the site’s basket and checkout pages, whilst overall improving the onsite experience for all visitors.

To meet these challenges head on, it was built a strategy that featured the Digital Assistant, fuelled by clever and data-driven campaign optimisation.

Keeping visitors onsite and engaged

To reach out to visitors looking to leave the site, the team set up its onsite promotional messaging solution on Claire’s basket and checkout pages. By providing dynamic discounts and prompts, it was achieved an impressive 4,909 clicks over 3 months.

However, following extensive product development, it was built on this success even further, boosting the number of clicks up to 30,246. After such great results on the basket and checkout pages, Claire’s chose to expand the use of Digital Assistant onto the ear piercing page too, aiming to boost earring sales.

“Since implementing the new and improved Digital Assistant, it has been clear to see an Claire’s has definitely benefited from the unobtrusive panel and we love the increased engagement it creates with our customers.extreme increase in not only engagement but also conversions.” Ebonie Logan, Global Affiliate Partnership Manager

‍‍Bespoke solutions

The Digital Assistant combined recommended products, browsing history, intelligent search and promotional messaging in order to engage Claire’s website visitors and tackle the reasons for their desire to abandon.

With the use of this bespoke solution, Claire’s saw the AOV increase to £25.68 compared to £24.60 with traditional pop-up overlays, testament to the improvement of product refinements.


Increase in AOV


Uplift in engagement*


Uplift in attributed sales*

*Following product development

Info & Disclaimer

“The content of this article is based on a previous case study from VE Global, a company that no longer exists. We’ve adopted and enhanced the technology discussed, and the insights remain valuable for understanding the improvements we’ve made in a similar product”

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