Personalized emails

One of the keys to success for emails is personalization. Studies have shown that a personalized email can get you 6x higher transaction rate compared to non personalized emails.


But what is personalization?

Personalization means to adapt your emails to each subscriber. This shows that you know your target and that you know what to say and when to say it.


How can you personalize an email?

personl-1Nowadays, a name personalized email isn’t a big deal anymore. Therefore, you have to think of other ways of personalization.

Email marketing services are giving us a series of data about the users that we can use in order to send personalized emails. This way, the emails can be triggered based on the users’ behaviour on the website/ email and their content can be relevant to each user.


Examples of behavioural email campaigns

  • Abandonment emails which are send after the user adds products in his cart but does not finish a purchase. The emails contain the products the user left in the cart.
  • Recurring emails, which contain the products that the user looked for a few days before.
  • Emails send only to those who haven’t opened a particular campaign, etc.

For a better personalization, when a user subscribes for your newsletter, you can ask him some questions about their interests. Then, using these data, you can send them emails with relevant content or products.


Advantages of personalization:

  • 6x higher transaction rate compared to non personalized emails
  • A lower unsubscribe rate
  • A higher click rate

All the elements presented above can be achieved by using email marketing platforms, like Vibetrace, that offer personalization services.

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