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Email Marketing Automation in Switzerland

Are you looking for a local agency that provides email marketing services? Or software to manage your customer data?

We have physical presence in Switzerland so you can use our marketing automation platform & services right away.

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Email Marketing Automation agency in Switzerland

Ecommerce & Digital Business

Swiss based software to increase results by delivering full-stack marketing services

Lots of experience

You not only getting software. You are getting access to our experience in working with top 500 US companies.

We’re not talking about sending newsletters. We create automation data & marketing strategies along the entire customer journey.

GDPR ready

Your data needs to stay safe. If you have sensitive data related to financial, health or related, then you are safe with us.

Let us show you how we deal with data governance and how we can make it work with existing systems.

Swiss Data Compliance

We handle all data using local providers and clouds with local presence.

We have a dedicated team with physical presence in Switzerland.


Multi Language Campaigns

A country that has 3 official languages deserves a tool that can deliver a marketing campaign in multiple languages

Part of the powerful data segmentation that we offer, sending different content based on user language is something we do.

Marketing Automation Provider

We use local Email Services or your existing Providers.

We work as an agency, so consultancy, implementation or development are part of our services that we can offer.

Also possible to deliver white label services.

Swiss Pricing

Importance of Marketing Automation in Switzerland

Multilingual Capabilities: Switzerland is a multilingual country with four official languages. Marketing automation can help businesses effectively manage multilingual campaigns, ensuring they reach all customer groups in the appropriate language.

Cost-Effective: By automating repetitive tasks, businesses tend to reduce operational costs while increasing productivity. Marketing Automation does that.

Data-Driven Decisions: Marketing automation provides comprehensive insights on customer behaviors and campaign performance, enabling businesses to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Competitive Edge: With robust marketing automation, Swiss businesses can gain a significant advantage over competitors who have not yet adopted these forward-thinking strategies.

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Top Advantages of Email Marketing for Swiss Businesses

Customized Solutions: We deliver customized solutions that cater specifically to retail, finance, and travel industries in Switzerland, tailored to business specific needs.

Swiss Data Compliance: Switzerland has stringent regulations around data security and privacy. We know that and comply with them.

Cost Effectiveness: You have potential huge cost savings through subscription pricing and reduced IT overhead compared to hiring local dedicated IT resources

User Training and Support: We can offer comprehensive training and ongoing support to your team. It ensures your business to seamlessly utilize our software to its full potential.

Local Support and Service: Our commitment to providing robust local support and services with experts that understand the Swiss market nuances. This can include support in local languages (German, French, Italian, English)

Integration with Local Systems: We have the ability to integrate with popular local systems in all sectors (banking, travel, insurance, ecommerce)

Agile and Scalable Solutions: We have an agile and scalable solution that can grow with your business without massive overheads.

Fast Implementation Time: One of the strengths of our solutions is the relatively fast implementation time compared to traditional software.

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Email Marketing Services

Looking for best email marketing agencies in Switzerland?

Track customer actions: viewed pages, clicked CTA, traffic sources, other behavioral events

Identify users to build segments

Collect zero and first party data

Launch personalized campaigns based on visitor’s needs

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Marketing Automation for Swiss Retail

Benefit your business with Swiss based Marketing Automation

Increase Retantion with an omni channel approach to communication

Convert traffic into leads with behavioural forms, pop-ups, web-push notifications, and landing pages

Nurture prospects with personalized follow-ups and remarketing email campaigns based on behavior and profiling

Use product recommendations software to improve your agency marketing campaigns and abandoned carts

Launch A/B testing to find out the best offer

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Best Marketing Automation Tools in Switzerland

Analyze customers’ profiles and create segments by customer value, lifecycle activity, or engagement

Check your agency clients’ website activity, events, products, categories, and brands performance

Track email marketing subscribe/unsubscribe rate, hard-bounce, spam, Open Rate, CTR

Improve marketing campaigns by analyzing its conversion rate, sales

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Marketing Automation Solution built for Smart Businesses in Switzerland

Retail & Ecommerce

Unlimited accounts for your agency, unlimited everything for your customers with an opportunity to manage all from one place

Financial Services

Modules and extensions for the most common CMS, with no branding

Travel & Leisure

Standard Events Integration with most popular e-Commerce platforms like PrestaShop, WooCommerce, but also support custom events tracking

Public Institutions & Services

Automate payments and invoicing using Braintree, PayPal, Also supporting custom pricing models.

Stop switching between marketing services.

Our white label platform provides all necessary tools for your digital agency

Web-push notifications

Email marketing automation

Personalized pop-ups and emails

Feedback & Reviews

Landing pages


Product recom-mendations

Real-time analytics

Easy integration with most common ecommerce platforms:

White label marketing automation platform for agencies – Frequently asked questions

Discover the Most Common Questions.

Writing these texts from 8800 Thalwil.

As we are a remove first company we can come to your offices anywhere near Zürich, Geneve, Bern, Zug, Basel, Lausanne, Luzern, Lugano.

Yes, if you represent another agency, let’s talk about a partnership.

You bring the knowledge and connections with local market, we bring technical and software experience used by top 500 brands, as well as marketing knowledge.

Our past experience includes working with customers such as Switzerland banks and Health Insurance providers.

There are many aspects regarding data & security that we take care of for you

Based on your needs, our infrastructure can be set up in your private cloud or using public cloud providers that have data centers in Switzerland: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS

Yes, we have the concept of BYOP (Bring Your Own Provider) which means that we can deliver the email through existing local provider, as you prefer.

So if you have an ESP in Switzerland you want to still use, we can integrate.

Definitely yes.

What keeps us apart is that we provide a high level of customization and possibility to have custom modules build for you. On top of consultancy services on a daily rate.

Let’s talk.

If you want to use your existing provider, those are some good ones from Switzerland.

A few ESPs are: swissnewsletter.ch mailweaver.ch www.mailxpert.ch

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