11 Questions for Your Customers. #7 is a must!

End of year 2017 is very close. Feedback is more important than ever if you plan to build a solid business.


Regardless the role you have running the business is important to ask questions and secondly to ask the right questions.

First is important how you ask those questions. You have lots of questions and want answers to all of them at once, right?

In order to get some valuable feedback you need to split them in to bit-size chunks. That means one question at a time. Our solution allows you to ask polls with a simple question, so use them from Poll campaigns.

There are cases where it is possible to have 2, 3 questions or even more. But right now we will focus on the most important cases to ask only one questions at a time.

Here are 10 questions you should ask your customers:

Before purchasing

1.How did you first hear about us?

Learn which sources bring the most customers. (correlate answers with people who purchase).

2. What is your main problem you want to solve?

Probably your marketing message is not the one that will match customer needs.

3. What do you like most about our product/service/shop?

Improve marketing messages to promote the most delighting aspects of your business.

4. What is something that we need to improve?

You can’t wait to read the answers and start working on that, isn’t it?

5. What made you choose us over competitors?

Use information here to self-promote because this is something clients already use it when talking about you.

6. What do competitors do better than us?

Clients always compare options, so it’s better to see how they consider your competitors. Improve your business by learning competitors strengths.

7. How likely is that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?

Net Promoter Score and if you haven’t used it already now is time to do it.

8. If we have ever exceeded your expectations, ca you give us an example?

Maybe your products are better than in the pictures, or the delivery guy was just in time to bring in the present.

9. Have we ever failed to meet your expectations? What happened?

That’s also something you want to get fixed as quick as possible and to make sure it never happens again.

10. How would you find about a business/service like ours?

Important to know where to promote yourself, where your customers spend time for research.

11. Do you have any questions or suggestions for us?

Open question, here you let the customer be as open as possible with you.

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