27 Signs you are a Conversion Maniac

Are you in the dark about how your website is performing? Or you know very well every aspect on Conversion Rate Optimization?

You already know how to measure your conversion rate and it’s one of the metrics you check on a daily basis.

Many online businesses don’t understand how to assess if their website is effectively converting visitors, other than by surveying the number of sales or leads they get. But you know because you’re expert in Conversion Optimization.

To assist you in determining whether you have an issue with website conversion.

Here’s a list of 27 signs that point to an amazing Conversion Rate, based on the conversion maniac that you are.

You don’t need extra traffic, you don’t need anything else because you recognize every conversion problems and fix them as soon as possible.

According to Bryan Eisenberg:

“Most websites don’t have a massive traffic problem, however every website in the world has a conversion problem”

Bryan Eisenberg

Here’s a list we’ve put together with signs that you’re obsessed with conversion:

  1. You look how every dollar was spent and calculate every conversion value for a lead or sale
  2. You optimize your website on any possible mobile device you have access to
  3. You have installed at least 10 email clients on both Android and iOS to test emails
  4. You have installed Clarity and Hotjar to check every visitor session recording
  5. You check every image and link on the website for text, alt and title tag to be very well optimized
  6. You have multi-steps forms and provide incentive for people to sign up and register
  7. You do user testing live with people every month or on every small change on the website
  8. You’re thinking of what guarantees and risk reducers to add even for clicking on a link
  9. You Call to Actions are checked, verified and personalized for the target personas
  10. You have security and trust seals on website footer, in the checkout and everywhere else is needed
  11. You use product recommendations wherever it makes sense: homepage, category and product page
  12. Your unique value proposition is very clear and you already had a survey asking people if they get it
  13. You add call-to-action buttons on your key pages and articles
  14. You check page fold on your parents mobile phone to see if call to action is above
  15. You check yourself if captcha on your website works well and test it daily
  16. You want to create paid ads campaigns differently to every landing page
  17. You look for ratings, reviews, comments all over the internet and social media about your business
  18. You create new images for products with your phone from all angles. Also play around with animated GIF
  19. You are scared even it happens for a day to get a small drop in traffic
  20. You ask random people to visit your website and decide what is better
  21. You think permanently what A/B test you can run to improve conversions
  22. You read every text on the website to be short, with bullet points and ask friends about every sentence
  23. You create new account and make purchases every week as a visitor to validate checkout
  24. You have at least 5 surveys running all over your website to get feedback
  25. You are looking every day to new email subscribers and check them on social networks
  26. You collect social proof even from people on the street to add to your website
  27. You are always looking for new browsers to test your website for issues

Be honest.

How many of these you really do? Do you think your conversion rate is at the maximum possible level? You’re not alone if you admit you can improve the conversion rate.

100% of every website in the internet can do at least one thing to improve conversion rate. Guaranteed!

Ask for help. There are many experts and agencies focused on optimizing Conversion Rate.

This post was inspired by this Rich Page post

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