Why is A/B testing important?

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is an option offered in email marketing in order to send your subscribers two or more versions of a campaign so you can see which one is working better.

What can you test?

Subject lines – try to formulate your subject line in different ways, try different symbols and which one catches the eye of the subscribers.

Email content – create two or more content versions and change the pictures, the colors, the text, the buttons, etc and see which version has more success. This way you will understand which elements are more efficient and what to you should  improve in your next campaigns.

Sending time – send emails on different days or on different periods of the day and you will see when you get the highest open rate. Use these informations for your next campaigns.

Check the results

After you send all your campaign versions, take your time to analyze the results. See which emails got the highest open rate, click through rate and conversion rate.

By analyzing the results you can find out:

  • On which day of the week you get the highest open rate
  • What keywords make subscribers open a campaign
  • What call to action makes users click inside your email
  • If users prefer to click on a linked picture or on a linked text, etc.

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