Tips and Tricks for a successful online beauty holiday campaign

When we talk about holidays, the first thought that comes to mind is joy, happiness, friendship, gifts and a lot of quality time spent with family. In reality, holidays are more than that, they involve closeness and true feelings.

You may ask, what does it have to do with a digital marketing campaign, especially when we talk about online beauty? Well, today we are going to talk about how to have the best approach as an online beauty business when you create your holiday campaign.

A few tips on how to have the best holiday campaign as a beauty business:

Considering the fact that many people find themselves in the position of customers in the holiday season, you may, in fact, consider creating a great strategy so that you can attract potential customers. Keep in mind that lots of people buy beauty products in this season, so you have to make the best out of your campaign.

  1. Define your audience

Even if you already targeted and identified your audience, you should really consider collecting detailed insights about your customers. Learn about their preferred channels of information consumption; do they prefer to access content on their PC or mobile device? These insights can be used to make more accurate marketing decisions for holiday promotions.

Hint: If you don’t have one already, think about creating a customer data platform, where all aspects of audience and segmentation will not require a whole team to work on. Maybe plans for 2022?

  1.  Keep track of your last holiday marketing campaigns and the results 

Auditing the performance of previous holiday advertising might help you understand your target audience’s behavior. You can have a deeper understanding of prior trends and how they impacted the growth of your organization. Always knowing what your customers enjoy more, even if it’s a make-up palette or a perfume, can change a lot of your final results.

Hint: To make your work a lot easier, make good use of all the resources that help you track your campaigns. For example, you can use Google Analytics to track your website, being the most common and easy to understand tool you can use. 

  1. Don’t forget to personalize your website to a more holiday-friendly style 

Even if your website might be already what people look for when they shop for Christmas presents, giving it a proper customization by adding your new Christmas collection, or even adding personalized greetings, festive pop-ups and banners. 

You may also keep in mind that the holiday season represents almost 30% of the annual sales for businesses, so this is the perfect time to give your website a cute make-over.

Hint: Make sure you start planning your customization early so that you can be right on track when the festive season starts. Discussing how you would like your website to look and searching for inspiration can make your job a lot easier. And also, don’t forget to pay attention to the trends.

  1.  Give early access to VIP/loyal customers

Considering your online beauty business has already got some loyal customers that enjoy buying from your company rather than shopping elsewhere, make sure you pay proper attention to sending them the information first.

Our recommendation is personalizing your email marketing strategy so that it’s festive and closer to the holiday spirit. Send them early-bird discounts, information of your new collection, so that they can feel special and make good use of the discounts for purchasing gifts.

Hint: As mentioned above, a great strategy is to give access to most of your holiday goodies to your loyal customers a little earlier than to the rest of your customers. This tactic can attract customers to make purchases before the holiday season starts. 

  1. Make good use of you Social Media Channels

A lot of users actually buy stuff just from seeing ads/banners that catch their attention on social media. With the proper approach, your sales may increase just from posting on social media. 

The best ways to increase them is by posting holiday giveaways or collaborating with a beauty influencer that has early access to your holiday collection. Also, using the right hashtags can increase your reach especially if you use festive ones. Don’t be shy, launch your campaign on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok and everywhere you feel comfortable.

Hint: What seems to work the best on social media is starting trends. If you consider creating a unique hashtag, a photo contest or even a giveaway for your holiday campaign, pay attention to how your target audience reacts and make sure you work on making it enjoyable.

  1. Pay attention to your mobile marketing strategy

Over 61% of the web traffic is made from mobile phones. That should be enough to encourage you to optimize your apps and websites for a better experience. Pay attention so that every information is up to date, that your apps are working properly and embrace the festive period. Also, as a great marketing strategy, you can introduce amazing deals that are only available on the mobile app.

Hint: A great tactic that seems to work great for improving the mobile marketing strategy is A/B testing. If you never tried using this split testing strategy, consider getting your eyes on this type of testing so that you can get the best out of website optimization.

  1. Consider trying video marketing to promote your campaign

Even if it’s your first time trying video marketing, we may tell you that it is the best way to communicate with your potential customers and share your holiday message to them. Keep in mind that this is your best occasion in promoting not just your holiday products, but your brand overall. 

Video campaigns have shown an increase in order value and studies have shown that customers have placed orders just from seeing marketing videos on Facebook (for example). So take the opportunity to increase your engagement rate by including holiday-specific messages in your videos.

Hint: If you try video marketing this holiday season, make sure you are creative. Our only hint on this is to embrace the holiday theme and pay attention to the video resolution. High-resolution videos catch customers eyes easier, so try incorporating quality, even if you chose to promote products or wish a cheerful holiday season to all your potential or current customers. 

  1. Think about partnerships with influencers/other businesses

Besides promoting your beauty products as usual, the holiday season may be the perfect time for partnerships. Even though the last steps brought you amazing results, this one may be the cherry on top of your campaign. 

Pay attention to the trends going around and understand people’s likes and needs. For example, in 2020 Colourpop Cosmetics collaborated with Disney, which brought both companies amazing conversion rates all over the internet.  

And as we mentioned before, besides beauty influencers, you can try collaborating with other influencers that may bring joy for your target audience. As long as the message embraces the holiday season, it’s worth trying.

Hint: How about making a list with the people you would like to collaborate with? As silly as it seems, having lists and basically a goal that you wanna reach. A lot of influencers and businesses are open to collabs especially this season, so why don’t you contact them via mail or phone if possible to create a common goal/promote each other or create ideas for future products.

  1. Boost your conversion rate with free/reduced products

What can be better when you shop for your loved ones than receiving a free product with your purchase? But what if you find your favorite product at a lower price? People pay a lot of attention to these aspects, especially when buying a lot of gifts. 

Holiday season is a lot about happiness and joy, so why not embrace this feeling with your customers? This will increase your conversion rate substantially.

Hint: Keep in mind that a free gift can bring a lot of happiness, especially when you don’t know about it. Make your strategy so that you include a gift for almost every purchase. For example, if a customer spends more than 50$, add a free make-up sample that’s a limited Christmas edition, that, for sure it’s going to boost your conversion rate, without offering stuff that is way too expensive.

  1.  Extend your holiday campaign deals for late-birds

It’s important to give other shoppers the opportunity to benefit from your limited-edition products and amazing price deals. We all know the struggle of being a late shopper and missing out on the good stuff. 

So why not give a chance to your potential customers? By expanding your holiday campaign, you can build a stronger brand loyalty and relationship with your customers. And also, there are a lot of late shoppers and this will for sure increase brand awareness.

Hint: Try making the best out of the extended holiday campaign. How? Make sure you use your marketing channels wisely to promote your late-bird extended campaign by using email marketing and social media. Basically, keep applying the last steps so that your holiday campaign works the best before it ends.


One of the ideal times to invest in an emotional relationship with your target audience is over the holidays. That’s the main reason why you should pay a lot of attention to details. 

For getting the best out of your campaign, you should offer the best customised experience for your consumers, make your campaign easy to share and enjoy and offer special attention to create the best deals and sales that can make both your business and your customers satisfied. 

What else do we recommend?

  • Empathize with your audience
  • Embrace the spirit
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Try everything out before implementing
  • Work with passion
  • Quality not quantity
  • Optimization is the key for success
  • Enjoy! 🙂

You can also try offline marketing if you find it suitable for your campaign! (TV, radio marketing)

On a serious note, you should really see what is working throughout the year so that you can do your best on the holiday campaign, especially for a beauty business, because it might be one of the most important periods for your business growth on every plan. 

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