Do you know what is the difference between Demarketing and Remarketing? We didn’t know either until a client asked us, so we decided to deep further into these 2 terms.

First of all here are the definitions of both demarketing and remarketing:

What is Remarketing?

An online marketing technique that enables advertisers to reach out to visitors who already visited a website. It can be done through ads, emails, push notifications or any other way of contacting visitors

As explained above, retargeting (or remarketing) is simply the strategy of re-engaging with your visitors after they have visited your online site.

What is Demarketing?

A type of marketing which discourages certain customers on a temporary or a permanent basis. This marketing is mainly applied on such products which are either harmful or very rare. Example: Tobacco, petroleum products, water, electricity etc

So, what’s the difference between Demarketing and Remarketing?

Based on the definitions the terms are somehow opposite: remarketing tries to encourage you to buy/consume something, and demarketing to discourage of buying a product.


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