Steps to get GDPR compliant

Time is running out and by 25th May 2018 you need to be ready with the GDPR rules implementation.

For an ecommerce store, we’ve put together 11 steps to become ready. There is also an infographic with this information

To read more about GDPR and how Vibetrace implements it, read more here.

Steps to be GDPR compliant:

1 Update terms and conditions

Create a T&C page if vou don’t have one

Add a paragraph with a link to vour revised Privacy Policy

Make sure there is a checkbox to it in Checkout page, unchecked

2 Privacy Policy

create a Privacy Policy page (it you do not have one)

Add who – what – how – why – when to Privacy Policy

Display link to Privacy Policy in the footer on everv page

Display Privacy Policy checkbox on the checkout page

3 User account registration

Make sure you really need all the personal data you ask for

If yes, add a Privacy Policy checkbox (unchecked, yes) to the registration form

4 Abandoned cart & checkout

Make sure vou do not run abandoned cart & checkout recovery emails

without having explicit consent for them

5 Product Reviews, Comments & Questions

Make sure vour review forms include consent for the personal data vou ask

Allow accept reviews from logged in users.

6 Opt-in forms. Email & Lead collectors

Audit all your opt-in forms and only keep those that comply with the rules

If vou use a third-party solution provider. make sure it’s GDPR compliant

Display Privacy Policy consent checkboxes

7 Contact Forms

Add Privacy Policy checkbox to all vour contact forms on the website

If vou’re storing personal data in a database and/or is tied to an CRM /

Support Ticketing Solution. tell your users why, where and for how long you’re storing data

8 Analytics & Tracking

Onlv use reliable. GDPR-combliant tracking software

Ask software providers how they’re handling GDPR compliance

Add to your Privacy Policy who and how they handle personal data

9 Third Party Services

Ask every time the GDPR compliancy guestion about each third-party service

Select only GDPR.compliant plugins

Add their name into your Privacy Policy page

10 Existing Subscribers

Ask your entire database for consent

Basically send an email with a subscribe button: those who click it will become the new subscribers and the rest who don’t do anything will be removed

11 Breach Notifications

Cocuro yoUr

Subscribe to all vour software to find about breaches

Reduce the amount of data vou store

Create a breach emergency plan

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