May Product Updates

Every month we send an update with improvements for our product. This month is no different.

Segment evolution

View how a segment evolved over time. System computes the count for these segments every day and displays the result in the evolution tab.

Push Actions segmentation

4 new events are available for users segmentation, related to push notifications: send , display , click and close . Use these events to create new smart segmentations for your campaigns.

Beautiful Funnel Charts

Because ecommerce it’s most about funnels (sales funnel, conversion funnel, goal funnel) we’ve improved our charts with a much better visual. Let us know what you think.


Extra improvements

  • Simplify campaign creation editor by removing ” Sending ” step where you can change UTM params for the campaign. Now you can do this in the Content step.
  • Changed Action Buttons to green and simplified the status of a campaign (so you have a better view of it’s current status when editing it)


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