Marketing Automation Cloud for Prestashop

Prestashop Marketing Automation Cloud – Features

Marketing is moving to the cloud. Prestashop is one of the most used ecommerce platforms in Europe. We are here to offer the best marketing cloud solution dedicated to Prestashop store owners. Vibetrace connects with Prestashop automatically through our dedicated module. Connecting your store is simple, you just need to install VTmarketing module and copy the Api Key.  

Vibetrace is a marketing automation cloud that allows Prestashop Ecommerce stores to:

  • reduce shopping cart abandonment;
  • run automated email marketing campaigns (post purchase, browse retargeting);
  • advanced user segmentation based on attributes and behaviour;
In less than two minutes, you can start creating effective marketing campaigns tailored to your business and marketing goals.

How Vibetrace works on PrestaShop platform

  1. Vibetrace analyses user behaviour of every visitor from your mobile or webstore;
  2. Data is stored securely in the cloud and always ready for segmentation;
  3. Based on campaign rules we are able to deliver a set of campaigns (into your website or on email);
  4. Product recommendations/widgets banners or emails are delivered at one-to-one level to each visitor throughout their shopping journey based on their unique user behaviour.
  5. Visitors are delighted and inspired by recommendations tailored to their needs, so they keep going on your Prestashop webstore;
  6. You conversion rate increases and you generate more sales from the same traffic;

What can Vibetrace do for your Presta store?

With Vibetrace, you or anyone from your marketing team can quickly design and deliver onsite engagement campaigns, run trugger-based email campaigns, control cart abandonment and segment users to drive more sales. Vibetrace is very powerful and provides very flexible customization. Our SaaS enhances your customers’ shopping experience throughout the entire customer journey to help them enjoy online shopping in your store.  Increasing your conversion -> average order value -> more money and profits!

Product recommendations:

  • Make use of any of our 20 unique recommendations algorithms;
  • Give a boost to your Conversion Rate with relevant product recommendations;
  • Increase average order values with smart cross-sell and upsell;

Onsite Campaigns Prestashop

  • Increase Average Order Value with Cross- and Up-sell recommendations (automated or manual setup)
  • Reduce Bounce Rate with exit intent email collectors and dynamic messages;
  • Collect new email addresses and increase your leads database;

Email Campaigns for stores running on Prestashop

  • Use our predefined templates to create beautiful and responsive email campaigns;
  • Add products automatically or manually into emails with one click;
  • Recover abandoned carts using our own unique cross-device user identification system;
  • Retarget through to browsing visitors who abandoned your Prestashop store;

What will retailers get?

With the integration between Vibetrace and Prestashop you’ll get the following:
  • professional email marketing campaigns;
  • automated email retargeting;
  • onsite personalization campaigns, with dynamic messages;
  • product recommendations;
  • advanced user segmentation;
And because we are not just a self-service solution, you’ll get a dedicated ecommerce consultant to help you with the setup, campaign development and refining;