Mailchimp Alternative for online shops

Mailchimp is a great company who created a good product and a great brand.

How would a Mailchimp alternative for ecommerce look like?

  Lots of small companies use Mailchimp also because of their free tier to send 12.000 emails per month and stick with them after they grow over this limit. We did a comparison between Vibetrace and Mailchimp for an online shop.

Ecommerce marketing experience

  1. Mailchimp has much more experience sending emails (newsletters).
  2. Vibetrace has much more experience working with ecommerce only, doing newsletters, transactional and other specialized campaigns
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Email editor use for online retailers

  1. Mailchimp has a very easy to use editor, with lots of customizations and a great email gallery
  2. Vibetrace editor has onle a few designs and focuses on email elements rather than entire template. You can mix/change/arrange elements to create a good newsletter. But the most sexy features Mailchimp lacks: add product manually with all data included (image/price/title/description) and also product recommendations using special algorithms.


  1. Mailchimp starts free, and for a list of 50.000 users it costs $240
  2. Vibetrace doesn’t have a free tier and pricing is based on sent emails not list size. Because we believe pricing based on usage is more fair.
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  1. This is something where Mailchimp beats us, because there are integrations with almost anything
  2. Vibetrace have some limited integrations in place, and we are open to make them on request (no extra charge for common settings)


  1. Mailchimp support doesn’t exists
  2. We offer support through a various of methods, email, phone on Skype.
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  1. While Mailchimp reports are more powerful about email metrics, they don’t show information related to purchases
  2. Vibetrace reports assisted purchases, while showing as well the most important metrics for email clicks/opens/spam unsubscribe and so on
  Give it a try, Vibetrace is a really good alternative to Mailchimp when it comes to online stores. Also you’ll benefit from lots of other types of campaigns, onsite personalization, product recommendations and extra other stuff.