Ecommerce Statistics 2015

Ecommerce stats in 2015

  In 2014 we published our first series of ecommerce statistics. Click here for 2014 stats. We’ll keep this page updated with fresh statistics related to ecommerce. Please feel free to share this data or use it in your presentations. If you consider please leave a back link and a thank you in commerce.

Various things about ecommerce

  • 30% of sales occur after 18.30PM while another 25% from 8 to 11AM. The rest are distributed throught the day.
  • Average order value around the world:
    • United States – $110
    • Europe – $103
    • Asia – $67
  • Highest conversion rate per industry
    1. Travel
    2. IT&C
    3. Fashion

Classic blast emails (newsletters) statistics

  • Average Open Rate: 11.2% (down 0.4)
  • Average Click Rate: 6.21% (up 0.77)
  • Average Conversion Rate: 1.36% (up 0.2)
  • Average share rate: 0.07% (down 0.01)

Transactional email statistics

Transactional emails are sent automatically based on user behaviour. Click here to learn more
  • Average Open Rate: 37.7% (down 0.8) (google started to “cache” images, could be a reason)
  • Average Click Rate: 33.3% (up 1.1)
  • Average Conversion Rate: 8.11% (down 0.4)

Segmented newsletters stats

Sent to relevant groups of subscribers, based on interests, profile, brand affinity. Also includes product recommendations inside email.
  • Average Open Rate: 14.8% (down 1.2)
  • Average Click Rate: 10.8% (up 0.1)
  • Average Conversion Rate: 4.1% (up 0.4)

Ecommerce business statistics

Those statistics are general across all industries, geographic areas.
  • Conversion Rate: 1.89% (down 0.02)
  • Days to purchase: 1.6days (down 0.1 days)
  • Best converting channels: Email, Search, PPC (last year PPC was on first place)
  • Abandoned carts: 71.2% (up 1.7)
  • Recovered carts from transactional emails: 22% (up 3%)

Onsite Product Recommendations stats

Those stats compare to the average of users who did not interact with product recommendations:
  • Visitors influenced by reccs: 72.4% (down 4.6)
  • Time on site: -8%  (down 2)
  • Average order value: +6.2% (up 2.8)
  • Conversion rate: +11.1% (up 4.8)
Note:  All of the stats here are based on Vibetrace ecommerce marketing solution and represent only averages regardless the industry or shop size. If you need more detailed statistics, please contact us.   Some other interesting stats around the world:
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